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  1. More experimentation needed
  2. FM2010 announcement

    well Grade, few things you can expect from a SI product. # months until the game is playable. A lot of bugs since SI is releasing the product without repairing much and so on. We have seen fm 09 and honestly I wont buy 2010. Not much quality there...
  3. As a IT supporter I should be able to fix my pc, or I am in a wrong business Apologies for spamming this forum, This should be the last one kids. Cheers.
  4. Point-05: You dont like the game? fine. Sell it burn it do whatever, but don't come on the forum ****ing and moaning about it expecting people to give a damn. I payd for the game, still have the right to give my voice Hopefully they will create a cleaner and better game next time.
  5. Otherwise my experience last 3 yrs. * FM 07 Java problem. Game could not be installed. had to download a pirated copy to be able to install the game. * FM 08 Unstable and I got tons of bugs and corrupted save games. SI never finished the game. * FM 09 Unstable if I could even start a game not getting "crash Dump" file. SI never finished the game. Honestly I am not a fool to buy another version of frustration.....
  6. Bye it is Point- 05, I can promise you that neither me or my friends are going to buy another SI game. After the split from Eidos, at first it seemed that FM would be the horse one should bet on, but unfortunately SI turned away from the Engine that was used back then. SI simply don't offer any fun or value for me anymore. I am glad it does for some though.
  7. Let's remember that SI have the only game in this genre on market PT. Eidos are about to create CM which is more innovative so far, better? we will see. But because you have a "secure" fan base you can still improve your game. FM 09 is basically fm 08 with 3d engine included, and still after 3 patches both ME and 3d is filled with bugs. *Realistic can be discussed. I have never in RL seen a gk taking a kick, hitting defender in the back and scoring a self-goal. *Hard to make. Sure it is but to be frank, this is not Infinity or Aurora engine. Lets take Betsheda and look at their engine (oblivion game). I know it is a completely different game, but is it game more complex and demanding? sure it is. Noone waited 6 months after the release to have a playable game though. I only ask for a game that can run, for honestly fm 08 and fm 09 for me was a complete waste of money....
  8. I stopped for a negative reason. I have bad experiences with fm 09, therefore decided that SI don't offer enough quality neither for me or my kids. Actually it is a matter of principe not to see another SI product in my home again.
  9. well cosmetic game is better than this: * 100 of bugs that never got repaired,yes buy a new version if you want some repaired, others will get trough to fm 10 ( like corner bug from 08 got to 09, just an example). * Unstable game due to bad coding/scripting. * Wait 6 months after the game came out before the game is playable. * 10 years ahead the big clubs pays 20 mill. £ for a 36 yrs player and buys players that are completely worthless. * Bad regens.. * many injuries coded so it hits one area..if its strikers then you will have injured strikers next 5 games... and all this if you are lucky not to get a "Crash Dump". Enjoy the most realistic game......
  10. c'mon guys, read the back cover. its the most realistic game......
  11. defenetly fm 07, if you can install it because of the java problem, fm 08 and 09 are very bad, filled with bugs and never repaired.. well fm 09 is nothing less than junk.
  12. heck don't blame people for corner bug...the whole game is a big BUG....
  13. I would like a playable game. I would like a game that is tested so I dont have to wait 6 months to even be able to play the game I would like a better scripted code so the game is more stable. But the question is if you have enough competence to fulfill those 3 requests......
  14. Boring

    Maybe this game is booring because of the crab run, or the defenders intelligence that is lesser than a teams filled with 6 yr old boys. Maybe because of the 1000 of bugs and sporadical crashes. Maybe this game is the worst creation SI ever managed to make. One think it is sure. Force stinks........