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  1. Thanks for replies guys. I’m not overly bothered it’s become harder to get them in as is more realistic now. Just checking if I was being a bozo.
  2. Guys I’m having an issue with signing any regen. I have the dates for regens producing. I find them on the youth intake section of the game. The problem is I get either they have just signed a contract so don’t want to speak to me or are in long term contracts. This happens on the exact same day the regens are out. Am am I doing something wrong?
  3. Nice work mate. Some great signings. Ive got a great save with Rovers at moment. Got promoted first season coming second. In pre season and being raped of players currently.
  4. Congratulations man. I just started a new save with Blackburn. Looks like 95% of your side has changed. Can you show your ins and outs please?
  5. I've got a save with Lazio. Absolutely loving it. Signed Jay Rodriguez for 30 million. Sounds alot but he's been immense. Anderson and basta have been players of the year. Absolute class down the right. Anyone wants screenshots let me know.
  6. Managing Lille. Coming to the end of my second season. Very unsuccessful second season considering how well I done in my first. Drawing Barcelona in the qualifiers for the champions league didn't help. It has been an enjoyable save regardless. I'll post some screen shots of people are interested. Nangis and Boufal are to talented young wingers.
  7. My rangers save is going incredibly well so far. Won the quadruple in the first season. Made it through 3 qualifying rounds of the europa league and now in the group stages. Won 4 and lost 1 in the first 5 league games of season 2. Managed to get Besic in from everton on loan who has been a revelation. Jason cummings is smashing the premier league like he did the championship. Danny wilso has been incredible. Absolute rock. Can provide screen shots if anyone is interested.
  8. Good effort that. I started one with fulham and failed miserably. After 15 games i had two wins, two defeats and ELEVEN draws. Considering how bad i done before the sacking i did enjoy it. Will eventually start a new one with them once i get use to the championship.
  9. I have it working well with Iborra playing in that role for everton. The role is only useful if playing a high presssing and high defensive line i believe. People may have it working other ways but works well if your full backs are attcking alot.
  10. Galloway is top class for me. Holgate is more than capable but im in season 3 presently. I think he needs another season to be a starter. Ledson is on loan to west brom in the premier league with a average rating of 7.32 so far this season. He looks like he might just make it.
  11. I totally understand what your saying but in this situation i finished 10th. Didnt have much money. John stones especially had a terrible season. I rejected every first bid for all players sold, but then sold when they became unhappy. If i would of got top 4 in first season it would of been a different story i believe. I didnt start the game with the purpose to sell my star players aswell. I do get your point but i think it depends on if the gamer wanted to sell the players or if he had no choice.
  12. If you look over the everton section on this forum ive put my screenshots up of my sales. Basically i lost them all (barkley/lukaku/stones)
  13. Yeh hes definetly not consistent for me regardless of what my coaches/scouts say. Was on transfer list so could of got him cheaper but just went straight in as had money to burn
  14. I tried a save with everton a few weeks back and am currently in my 3rd season. The first two seasons (especially the first) where very difficult. I wasnt consisent enough in my first season. Second season i started poorly then turned it on at christmas. Ill post a few screen shots to show my progression. I have made a good few mistakes during this save but it has been enjoyable. Losing so many big players after season 1 was incredibly hard to deal with. season 1 transfers End of season 1 league table Season 2 transfers End of season 2 league table Season 3 transfers Few games into season 3 Squad depth Tactics I havent won anything as yet. Been to no finals and havent reached top four. Ive qualified from my group in this season europa league and sitting in a good position early on for top four. It can only get better. Hopefully ill get some more screen shots up in the coming weeks to show the progress.
  15. Bought him from real madrid after the first season. Had no choice but to sell Ross Barkley so took a punt on him. He has been incredible. Play him centre mid as a deep lying playmaker.
  16. Club: FIORENTINA Division: SERIA A Transfer Budget: 8.5mil Wage Budget:863k Finances: RICH Board Expectation(s): Europa League Key Players: Cuadrado, Gomez, Savic plus a good few more Pros: Cuadrado!! Decent youth. Cons: Cuadrado is wanted by half of europe Level of Difficulty (1-10 with 10 being difficult): 7 Additional Information: Not much room to manouvre in wage market.
  17. thanks for the reply agentvinz. i cant upload a screenshot at the moment as am in work but will do so when i can. ive took your guidance onboard regarding he doesnt hug the touchline which i have notcied whilst playing. i am thinking about changing my tactics and dropping my DM defend and moving him into a AM but i will have alook at pre season and see how i do. thanks again for the reply.
  18. i guess with friendlies it all depends on how your doing in that specific game. if you play alot of friendlies close to each other i do change my team at half time but sometimes i keep players on till there 65%. friendlies in my eyes are about fitness but also about getting morale up so you dont want to lose to many so playing your storngest teams sometimes helps this.
  19. this is a quality thread with some really good points. Cleon is a genius with his tactical threads. Fuhrerul, im no FM genius but i tend to substitute players anytime after the 70 min mark but only if there below 65% or playing really bad. You might wonder why i say 65% but this is a figure i just come up with. I believe changing to many players can unbalance your team but not changing players can lead to late goals through fatigue. I also have a problem sometime with complacency against smaller teams, i pin this down to team talks. Im still not on top of team talks but i tend to never go in agressive and have a go at my team unless i really need to. In my history of this game player morale is a major part of the game.
  20. ok cheers srl88. i found in ukraine it is easy to lure players from anywhere in the world depending on finances. as i always see people buying south american regens in the british leagues i might start a game in south america and if the rules allow see how many british players i can attract and see how well they do. it all depends on this limit on the number of foriegn players allowed in which leagues.
  21. ok i see. what would you think is a reasonable attribute for crossing before you trust a winger to play week in week out?
  22. i havent played in these leagues yet but im curious to know if you do how easy is it to lure europeans to south america? especially british players? and has anybody been able to lure any over? really good thread. will keep an eye on for when am finished with my ukraine league and need a new challenge.
  23. I love the idea of playing with a winger with the support duties on. From what i understand a winger support is a player who should hug the touchline and get crosses in from deep or when ever possible. As i play with one winger as in Inside forward on the opposite side i want a winger support to cross in the dangerous balls. First question. If my winger support only has a crossing attribute or 12 should i not bother playing him as winger support until he improves?(he is only 20 years old and i have his crossing on high intensity training) Second question. If i have a winger support and an inside forward attack on the field, imploying an advanced forward or poacher aswell would that make sense or should i play a deep lying forward so the inside forward can get in the box more? I have tried these two see if it works but it is all hit and miss at the moment as my team is under a bad run and morale isnt the best so i cannot look at the results in a serious way and blame my front three. In my eyes having a front three that works and is prolific is the most important part of the game when operating in a 4-1-2-2-1 system. Any feedback on winger support roles and front three tactics would help me alot. thanks again
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