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  1. I took over as Leverkusen after i got fired from Manchester United on the Beta, took them to second then Champions league. Decided to start a new one with them now, was hoping to see a post about them on here.
  2. Excellent stuff, I will be starting an Ajax save soon as i do every year, just enjoying my original Beta save with Leverkusen at the moment. I will contribute to this thread.
  3. I stuck with Giggs for 2 seasons. His contract needed renewing but he asked to be the u21 manager, so i signed him on for that and replaced him with Spiekerman
  4. I've been having similar issues, seems you sort one out and they find something else to complain about, probably just about trying to balance it out correctly
  5. RT, 1: Not that i have noticed so far, they've always been where they need to be to receive the ball and as you can see, a large majority of assists have come from either side: 2: When i played Arsenal at home i conceded 1 which looks like it could have been Rafael pressing too much leaving a gap as you can see here: This gave Chamberlain a free run down the left and brought Evans in to press but by then it was too late and he put in a cross for Giroud to get on the end of 3: Would you say this could be what happened above? If so it could be something i need to have a look at 4: That is something i have thought of, but i do tend to change the philosophy occasionally which i am still working on 5 So far so good the two bigger sides i've played so far have been Arsenal at home and Liverpool away :
  6. I saw RT's post on Twitter about the formation and have been speaking to him over the course of yesterday. With a bit of his help i came up with this formation and roles. I went through a few different roles including a Triquartista behind the 2 attackers and defensive wingers which weren't performing how i wanted them to so settled for wingbacks for now. The heat map shows like this: The highlight so far was a 9-0 thrashing of Leicester with Mata in the AP (a) role knocking in 5 goals and getting a 10 rating, he seems to be making runs into the box and getting on the end of crosses from the wingbacks. All his goals came from within the box. There will probably be some changes, i'd like to experiment with the complete wingbacks after reading this thread. If anyone has any advice or questions i'll be happy to answer them, but i'm not going to be around much today and tomorrow.
  7. Playing something similar myself, though with a few changes. i've brought back my inside forwards and made them wide midfielders on attack, a Ball winning mid and an advanced playmaker both on support in the centre and a Triquartista up front, Also, i play a half back along with a Ball playing defender and central defender cover. 2 wing backs on support. Control and Rigid setting Short passing, pass into space, hassle, stay on feet, higher tempo and exploit the middle. All individual instructions are dependant on the player i have. I adjust depending on how things are going during a match.
  8. I recommend you look at Cleons thread on youth development, he loves a bit of Ajax, also, the thread on Ajax in 'good player and team guide' is a good one. I've only really played as Ajax over the past two FM's. It's made me into a full on Ajax fan. I play a very similar tactic, never quite got to how i want them to play though. The pressing game that Ajax play is a complicated one to get right in the game.
  9. Can i ask, how long did that take to write? i'll be reading this over the course of the next few months..
  10. I hope someone does upload it via megaupload or something, i can't get onto the store without my game crashing and i've been through all the troubleshooting, even un-installing the game to try and get it working. No luck so far though.
  11. Cleon, do you have a particular wage cap? I tend not to go above 30k a week with Ajax, it's tough though when your favourite player is demanding more. I guess you can't become too attached to players with this team.
  12. Just found a guy playing for Gefle under19's called ''Tshutshu Thsakasua Wa Thsakasua.'' Try saying that hammered.
  13. If i bump the Wingbacks up a notch i'd play them as defensive wingers. I really like the way the half back and sweeper have been playing with this defense. Nice to watch and plenty of clean sheets. i am struggling to score though, so i may try pushing those wingbacks up
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