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  1. My game crashes after a player accepts conditions for signing a new contract and I press negotiate! it seems to be related to the contract induction wants to start. New info: Seems to be the old development center induction (the last screen in it) that I already finished that comes back when I press negotiate contract. The finish button is "greyed" out and not possible to push and the game i frosen! FM 2020 v20.0.2.1305244 (2019.11.06 01.09.16).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.2.1305244 (2019.11.06 01.36.39).dmp
  2. I wonder if my Steven Jansson ever get out of Sweden. Maybe not the best country to start in!
  3. Player Name: Steven Jansson Date of Birth: 08/27 Position: AML Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Sweden European Nation to Play for: Wales
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