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  1. I like what I see on screen, but I have some questions: - When I go defensive, I find that we are already sitting very deep, sometimes too deep, still you have a TI drop deeper. Any issues for you? - Then you have close down much more as TI, when I use defensive tactics I want my players to be in position something which is much more difficult with this TI. Does it work, especially when you are under pressure? - Have you tried to remove both of these instructions and perhaps just use PI for selected players to press more?
  2. Going to give something similar a run. Thinking of a 4-3-3 with one TM up front along with an AF and a shadow striker. Three hard working central midfielders and go route one along with play narrower and higher tempo. Probably not too many crosses which is adownside but this is pretty much lump it forward and maybe get a chance or a set piece.
  3. Just in general, how you came up with the instructions, what you want to achieve with them so to speak. But for example, why fluid? Most people I've seen trying this have gone for structured or very structured. But what I'm interested in is your thought process, since I'm trying it myself with pretty mixed results and a slightly different approach.
  4. Trying the same thing at the moment, what is your reasoning behind your various instructions?
  5. Any updates to this almost one year old post? Also does anyone know if Cleon developed his idea of Catenaccio that he posted on twitter?
  6. I love this thread! However in my own longball save, starting out with Bury, I am a complete laughing stock. I've always found it way harder to succeed with direct/long ball tactics than with more possession based tactics. This is mostly a reply to encourage you to continue the thread, it is my current favourite thread on here!
  7. This thread is fantastic, even if I haven't really got it to work myself: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/374841-To-Catenaccio-and-BEYOND!
  8. Being able to watch the whole match in the 2d-view would make for better understanding of tactics. Extended highlights like on the PC version would also be great. Perhaps add some more tactical depth as well. Maybe move the handheld version closer to the FMC version on PC?
  9. Have to say I agree , running it on iphone. It is much improved compared to 2013. What I miss the most from the full version is the possibility to watch the whole match, 2D is fine but I want to be able to watch the match!
  10. Bug, translation issue or just weird? I just won a match in the english Championship. Before the match there was a press conference where I decided to give credit to the other manager and he responded in a positive way as well. Now I play the game in swedish, so I don't know if this is just a strange translation, but during the post match press conference I was asked if I was pleased about having gotten the upper hand on the opposing manager considering the banter before the match. I told them "No, there is no bad blood between us" or something similiar. The answer from the opposing manager was "That he is trying to backstep the comments he made tells everything about him, he has acted amateurish and I have no wish to be friends with him". Very strange to me, before the match we seemed to just say friendly things to each other, but the press apparently took this as a controverse and so did the opposing manager after the match???
  11. Please Ceefax, that sounds interesting, but would also merit its own thread!
  12. If you're trying to play patient possession football, have you tried just altering your attacking strategy to a control one? Don't know how much of a difference it makes, but usually control is more posession oriented and attacking for a more aggressive direct approach (though I bet there can be a lot of variations)
  13. So Cleon, for the CMs, you would suggest perhaps a Dlp(s) and a CM(d) or maybe even no specialist role but two generic CM:s?
  14. Question about the new tactical system, am I right in that the way the "shouts" work in FM14 they are part of the tactical set up that players need to get used to? I mean the way they work towards being fluid in different tactical aspects? Does this mean I should be more careful with using shouts during the matches (switching tempo, passing style etc.)?
  15. You should probably post what role each player has as well, for example are your fullbacks playing as fullbacks or as wingbacks and are they on d, s or a (defend, support, attack), same for every player on the pitch.
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