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  1. Amazing read, thank you! Please report how results have been when you have had the time to test the tactic out more. Especially interested in the right wing defensively. If you would put the right winger as a wing back you would get a traditional 5-3-2 formation, do you think you could get the same tasks performed by a player in that position? I do think it would be much more stable defensively. Also on the other flank, do you see the mezzala an cwb get in each others way? Maybe with a mezzala an iwb could work? On the other hand, perhaps these changes would destroy what you are tr
  2. I like what I see on screen, but I have some questions: - When I go defensive, I find that we are already sitting very deep, sometimes too deep, still you have a TI drop deeper. Any issues for you? - Then you have close down much more as TI, when I use defensive tactics I want my players to be in position something which is much more difficult with this TI. Does it work, especially when you are under pressure? - Have you tried to remove both of these instructions and perhaps just use PI for selected players to press more?
  3. Being able to watch the whole match in the 2d-view would make for better understanding of tactics. Extended highlights like on the PC version would also be great. Perhaps add some more tactical depth as well. Maybe move the handheld version closer to the FMC version on PC?
  4. Please Ceefax, that sounds interesting, but would also merit its own thread!
  5. Question about the new tactical system, am I right in that the way the "shouts" work in FM14 they are part of the tactical set up that players need to get used to? I mean the way they work towards being fluid in different tactical aspects? Does this mean I should be more careful with using shouts during the matches (switching tempo, passing style etc.)?
  6. Why has my Director of football, all suddenly into pre season for 3rd season started to bring in transfers??? In the responsibilities list he is only in charge of bringing in new youth players and report on their progress. A couple of his targets have been about 18-19 years old but his latest target is a 26 year old goalkeeper... edit: silly me, go here if you are interested: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/334682-Is-this-a-bug-or-how-do-I-correct-it-Transfer-question
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