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  1. @Christopher Lewis Hi, Thanks for your reply. It's the normal regime which I would normally put during the pre-season in many of the past seasons FM. I guess I need to take better care of the players.
  2. Hi, I realised that now I'm able to change the individual trainings despite the other staff is responsible for it. For example, U23 training is given to be handled by U23 manager but there are some U23 squad players who I can change the individual training focuses while some I am not. Is it a bug?
  3. It seems like injury is a very common problem? I have 1 or 2 players in training every week since the update.
  4. Player A scores, player B was caught offside but was never involved in the build-up. The goal was not given.
  5. Hi, I realised that there 'position' section of my players are always changing. I can click on the same player and it appears differently from time to time. Is it a bug? or is there a way to switch around?
  6. I was trying to select a highlight to post for an assist issue and it crashed. As I was clicking around a popup came out and I click on the "ok" pretty quickly without SS. I see a file in the crash dumps. please advise if I need to upload for further assistance.
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