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  1. As usual, the best skin is on its way. Can't wait !
  2. You can have this map when you are playing the game? I can see the one from the report, but I can't see it during the game. But yeah, that's a really great addition.
  3. Is there a possibility, by a tweak or something, to add a little "Instant Result" button? Thanks guys.
  4. Dédé Gignac <3! If you need some (French) beta tester, I'll be yours!
  5. Is there will be a dark one? I know you started a thread for the FM15 one, but I don't know if you finally did it, and I found the idea pretty cool, I kinda prefer dark ones! Great job btw, still a lovely skin!
  6. Since beginning, I have some trouble with the player panel? Like on this screen, i have 3 panels which stay the same (even if I change them, when I'll reboot, they'll be back :/), the "Season stats" https://infinit.io/_/hRXRKBM# You know how to change it permanently? And can't wait for the update mate!
  7. I have something I wanna change, on my profile view, once I reboot the game, I always have this : Even if I changed them the game before, that came back like this. I would have that instead, how can I change that permanently? In skins files I guess, but i'm not so good at it. Thanks you
  8. Same for me, even if it's not an issue, I like that way too. There is a feature on some other skins, that isn't on Elegance, this, when a game is loading (or paused), you don't have only one panel (like here, on the screen) but multiple. It's kinda nice, to see match stats at the same time, but I don't know if it's possible.
  9. You genius! I try it immediately, I'll tell you I there is some bugs, but thanks for your work man, you rock! Edit : When you choose your skin, both skins (Elegance and your the Rebooted one) have the same name, it could be disturbing for some people? I guess. But first impression : I loooove that skin! Great work from both of you!
  10. If you need someone to test, fell free to ask!
  11. Here is a 2nd good news, thanks Drake!
  12. I just send him a PM, and he said to me that he saw the message, but coz his english isn't that good, he didn't reply. But he asked me to say that he is ok about the fact that you release your skin, based on Elegance! To prove it, here is the screen of the PM (in French) :
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