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  1. this was suggested by Israeli researcher, he found this information in Israeli media. I will do my best to double-check it to be sure UPD: https://www.one.co.il/Article/363809.html
  2. thank you for the heads up. It is my understanding that Malyshev is not actually injured now, he just lacks match fitness (trains individually according to the official website, the article was published on October 29) As for Moraes, this is a good point and it is going to be addressed in one of the upcoming DB updates.
  3. Don't trust majority of the reviews because they are paid for and riddled with affiliation links (people get more money if people signup via the link posted in their blog). https://www.privacytools.io/providers/vpn/
  4. You do not need to be online all the time to play (applies to both DVD and steam versions), it is possible to run steam in offline mode
  5. https://m.by.tribuna.com/tribuna/blogs/navulicymajoj/624086.html
  6. btw those russians are going to be released from prison next week
  7. Fantastic album, I am not from the Oasis generation (was 3 years old 25 years ago), and not even British, but this music somehow makes me nostalgic about something I do not know. I was even fortunate enough to attend a Liam's performance this summer (I am Ukrainian and he visited us for the first time I believe). Traveled 400 km solely to see the last great rock'n'roll star on stage Hope the band will reunite after the latest Liam's music video with very clear message to Noel.
  8. great effort, thanks for taking time to compile this, hope they listen
  9. It depends on how serious you are about it, whether you consider paid options etc. For instance you can register a personal domain like pelicanfm.com and setup a blog on WordPress. It's really easy nowadays, and would cost up to $15 per year for the full package. The advantage of such option is that you'll have full control over your content and can even monetize it once it gets relatively popular
  10. I've stumbled upon this article recently: https://deepxg.com/2017/11/21/hosting-football-manager-2018-on-linux/ The situation with my laptop is similar, please let me know about your progress and experience
  11. I am not from the UK, but LG is an undisputed legend and I am glad to hear that he recovered his voice lately. Looking forward to the movie and attending his gig this summer.
  12. it would be more reliable / easy to use etc. The same reason why we use Google sheets instead of good old ms excel
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