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  1. I would suggest to double-check this decision because dominant place in top5 steam most played games is quite good promotion on itself and separating will divide the player count
  2. 25 Nice to see some older guys here, for some reason makes me respect the community even more. Tempted to create threads asking for life advice
  3. some people here had it worse
  4. check out some custom data bases
  5. lmao never seen this in my saves
  6. haha I know this feel
  7. Totally agree, wish they reverted to the classic style.
  8. 18 in 36 games with Brondby in Denmark
  9. approached 3 quality players on free transfer with contracts expiring in 6 months brb playing through half of season to finally see them in action
  10. Playing since release of beta I have 4 days and 7 hours at the moment, although at steam profile it says 136 hours. After working whole day with MS Excel at work feels so good to come back home and relax in Football Manager spreadsheets
  11. 1. when they ask for transfer tell that they wouldn't get as much first team football there, when they ask about playing more regularly tell them to prove it at training, same goes for new contract questions. This solves 85% of complaints for me 3. aim to have 3 players to cover each position