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  1. great effort, admiring your dedication. Personally I don't have an opinion on fm17 since I played for about 5 hrs this year
  2. FM 16 here, started my save on the first day of beta, it is too good to leave it. Just don't feel like getting used to a new squad, rebuilding it, setting tactics etc
  3. Steam Leader boards

    strong username to post correlation
  4. FM17, worth buying

    Personally I purchased it months ago and tested for like 2 hours, cannot leave my FM 16 team. Christmas is probably the right time to pick it though
  5. FM17 Guide Booklet (pdf or epub)

    I am interested as well
  6. Guardiola and Klopp

    This has to be posted ITT
  7. Basically the idea is to do office tasks aside of playing matches that we find too boring at home (deep analysis of the tactics, next oppositions, players performances and development, contracts, you name it). And adding notes. So when you are getting back home you're fully prepared for the matches.
  8. I would suggest to double-check this decision because dominant place in top5 steam most played games is quite good promotion on itself and separating will divide the player count
  9. How Old Are You?

    25 Nice to see some older guys here, for some reason makes me respect the community even more. Tempted to create threads asking for life advice
  10. FM way too harsh

    some people here had it worse
  11. Reigniting My Interest

    check out some custom data bases