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  1. I'm not a mod? What's your excuse ? Oh that's right because you're a mod you can de rail the feedback thread give people crap , slate them and post utter drivel and not get anything done about it! Yeah that's how it works. I would take another one and a lifetime ban if it meant I had to continue to be the only person that stood up to people like you on the forum.
  2. He's done this right throughout the thread absolutely unbelievable it to come from a mod.
  3. I only have 2 glaring issues & 1 potential problem. 1.save time it takes probably 3 or 4 times longer to save the game than last year , this happend right from the first week with small amount of nations & leagues loaded it's not due to me being in 2075 with a 100,000 player database! 2. Goalkeeping errors, still see a few instances of keeper in the premier league saving a shot , taking a long time to get up and by time they do a striker has already tapped it in. 3. Like the idea of rough attribute estimation from scouts , but like others have said the layout makes it hard to look
  4. 6'9 is mine on 13 and he plus my 6'8 midfielder were both really good quality players
  5. this made me laugh a lot a true GREAT of the game haha!
  6. this just made me burst out laughing after seing wang ke on page 1. not related but the first one gave me a tickle
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