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  1. Couple of points Football has so many variables it leaves quite a number of statistics misleading. Also moneyball system was tried in football, in England. It was in 2011 with the Fenway sports group who made purchases such as Stewart Downing and their "panic" buy Andy Carroll. The reason they were so keen to replace outgoing Torres with Carroll was a pure stats based decision & probably the fact he was English! Downing had most chances created or most assists & Andy Carroll had most Aries challenges won ect it was something like that but I know they used this system which served their Red Sox so well and as we all know it failed. Terribly.
  2. Don't understand ANYBODYS problem with it. Don't like it then don't use it. It wouldn't effect people that didn't want to use it at all. And people that did would appreciate it greatly. When something is so obviously a positive it's inevitable people will decide they don't like it & oppose it. It makes too much sense for them to handle.
  3. They obviously just weren't feeling it on a cold Thursday night in Genoa !
  4. Because It's not his job to fix a game he bought as a customer. Confused why you're expected to buy a game with your own money that you play in your spare time and then even on top of that there are issues that you need to take more time out to fix the product you paid for in the first place? As for my point of view. My injuries I would say are slightly too high but nothing like being reported elsewhere.
  5. Ive had numerous teams go extremely close. United last year 2019/2020 had only conceded 6 goals and were undefeated well into March . I thought they'd never lose ! Then they lost 5-2 to chelsea and ended up with26 goals conceded.
  6. Yeah there an editor to do exactly what you want go use that. SI have already given you the tool to do it.
  7. My laptop has just broke but I was at barca in about 2021-2022 maybe a season either way and I scored in total 159 goals, I remember hitting the 100 mark very early also some ridiculous scores like 7-0 9-1 ect Well done though that's pretty remarkable !
  8. Wow. I'm going to guess english isn't your first language otherwise you'd recognise that was a clear joke.
  9. For you to know that you must have the german league loaded. I think the op didn't and is asking why in his simulated league bayern Munich have won 47 league titles in a row.
  10. Do you not read? His point is .. This has been said by many people how x wouldn't work but then there will be somebody who wins every trophy within 2 years with crystal palace by playing the x way. That's his point and its a fair argument I don't know why you're arguing against that it happens and it does make a mockery of what we are told works and what doesn't. I do understand my good friend (... ) cleons point though and agree if you do use a logical set up with balanced roles and duties that in the long run you'll be much better off and will perform consistently over patches and FM and not have to have massive booms when you hit a patch that your tactic favours by a weakness in the M.E then a massive bust when it's corrected and we then see " new patch ruined the game for me " , " I want my money back" , " how do I go back a patch ".
  11. Is anybody else conceding a lot of goals from a short throw in? It's like a glitch every time my players are back all marking and they will throw short that player will cross either straight to a team mate or pull it back to the edge of the area and it either results in a goal. Or a half chance . It's really annoying as I would say on my current save %40-50 of my goals conceded are from this and I can't see a setting to change how my team defends. I'm finding this hard to believe I'm the only one and I don't think I would have lost a single game if it wasn't for this what must be a glitch/bug. I see this EXACT highlight 6-7 times per game.
  12. It's not that I need help with my own tactics , I was hoping the successful people that play as arsenal with a 4-2-3-1 could share their mentality , role , duties ect to see if there are common themes that work with a 4-2-3-1. And for the exact reasons I posed before this generally is a great thread for people being successful in a 4-2-3-1 formation.
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