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  1. Heartbreak for Hendon, squandering our last 2 games of the season to win the league but even more depressing is that we went on to lost the Playoff Final on Penalties: 2nd place and a Playoff final was definitely above all prior expectations, so we go again next year!
  2. My Hendon youth intake towards the end of my first season: Here is the current state of play: Squeeky bum time!
  3. Pleased to report that after half a season in charge and at second time of asking, the board have agreed to give me an Under-23 squad. It became available straight away and at no apparent financial cost.
  4. Re: Hendon, I also holidayed 1 season and although a youth intake appears, you need to sign them to keep them and they go into your main squad. No U18 squad appears at all.
  5. Hendon , promoted in my save to the VNS, also suffer from this problem - no Under 18 squad, no Under 23 squad. Any update on this bug?
  6. Hi all, just started this challenge for the first time and I need some help/advice please... I chose Hendon as my team, but they don't have an Under 18's or Under 23's team. I saved it and holidayed a whole season just to test if they would generate an Under 18's squad when they get the first intake, but no - they don't. I can ask board for an U23 squad but obviously it's not going to happen any time soon due to finances. I can understand no U23, but no U18 squad is a bit odd isn't it? Is it a bug? Also is it worth doing this save with a team without an U18's squad? Will be very difficult to maintain player sharpness / bring talent through I think? Cheers
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