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  1. The wingers still remain a bit higher than they would in a 4-4-1-1. Defensively, I conceded the least goals in the league and scored among the top, Icardi was the league top scorer all 3 seasons I think. Perisic on the right provided bundles of assists, Ljajic in the middle won the best player in the league award and always had 8+ rating, it really brings out the best out of the advanced playmaker. Only player that was mostly average was Jovetic on the left, but he was injured a lot. The fullbacks get lots of assists and great ratings. B2B midfielder is also really important, Kondogbia did gr
  2. No, this is a tactic that pretty much gives up possession, I would usually be somewhere in the middle or lower on the league possession chart over a season, around 45% IIRC. But it is effective with the possession it has. I have used it for a about 3 seasons, won 2 Serie A titles and a Champions League. It is a great tactic against the biggest teams, I rarely ever lost a game v Barca or Real, etc. As I was becoming a bigger team with better players, I shifted to a more possession based tactic.
  3. I've had lots of success with a very simple tactic. Just set to counter and fluid with no instructions, achieved the rest with roles. I used Inter and a 4-2-3-1. GK - Handanovic (Goalkeeper, defend) RB - Santon (Full back, attack) RCB - Miranda (Central defender, defend) LCB - Murillo (Central defender, defend) LB - Telles (Full back, attack) RCM - Medel (Ball winning midfielder, defend) LCM - Kondogbia (Box to box midfielder, support) AMR - Perisic (Winger, support) AMC - Ljajic (Advanced playmaker, attack) AML - Jovetc (Inside forward, support) ST - Icardi (Advanced forward, atta
  4. So did anyone solve this? My Perin is still playing ever game, the team is winning and his CA dropped by 1 in the last 2 seasons.
  5. There was a lot of progress to be made from CA to PA, I won't post because I don't wont to spoil. I am using the editor... Decline of Handanovic is obvious without the editor as well, attributes and performance simply dropped and he was continuously being singled out as the weak link by other managers. He was just 32, had no injuries and played every game. This is not just this particular save, I always play with Inter and he always declines. The stagnation of Perin was obvious as well through attributes, there were no green or red indicators. Although Perin has finally progressed, but it took
  6. I've been struggling with developing goalkeepers. I'm using Inter. First I had Handanovic, who's CA remained the same for a couple seasons until he turned 32 and then he started declining even though that should have been his peak. The club was doing well and he was playing well as well. I replaced him with Perin, who's been here for 2 seasons and has made no improvements in CA even though basically every other player progressed a lot. I am using balanced training on average intensity while in season. Goalkeepers are set to Goalkeeper training.
  7. I love the nerds, no need to go there.
  8. No, I mean the mod who deleted my posts motivating the nerds to help
  9. How did Alejandro end up eventually? I wonder about him all the time. Upload his history already.
  10. Shirt name is a whole different thing... It's what the players wears on his jersey. This could have already been solved if you just let me motivate the nerds.
  11. Yes, but I am speaking about the shirt name specifically. Example - Juraj Kucka - Kuco, Javier Hernandez - Chicharito. I don't want to change the players actual name, just the name that is displayed on his shirt on the tactics panel.
  12. I was expecting someone to turn up with Leicester. They are obviously an anomaly, and England is the only place where this could still work. Still, it's not a classic 4-4-2. Both wingers play on the opposite foot, though Albrighton doesn't cut in much and is a classic winger, however Mahrez is certainly not.
  13. Sorry, I was just trying to motivate the nerds. I have FMRTE but it can't do anything and I'm 3 seasons in my save so the ordinary editor can't help either. KUBI will it work with the shirt name?
  14. The classic 4-4-2 is dead in real life on a top level, however it has evolved and been resurrected by scrapping conventional wingers and putting wide playmakers there. Basically a Brazillian 4-2-2-2 made European friendly, pushing the playmakers wider in order to form a defensively stable shape.
  15. I hate it when shirt names are incorrect for some player, is there any way to edit a players shirt name? In game obviously, too late to use the editor now.
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