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  1. Hey, guys! Seems that after 18.2 update, game it;s playable;) Glad you figure this;)
  2. Nop, still the same - Not responding;) Switch to integrated video card;)
  3. with first, yes;) i've unintall it, also i have the last update:) I will give a try with turning off Nvidia sharing and i will come back with a feedback
  4. Hello again;) Just in case you are interested - i launch game with integrated graphics (Intel HD 4600) and i don't have any crash. nothing at all even if i play in Windowed or Full Screen, even if i browse on Internet or not. it struggles a little on 3D start match, it's normal because it's a low graphics card, but i least i can play it!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! Still with dedicated graphics card, much better than integrated one - nVidia GTX 850M i still receive those annoying crashes, so it's clearly an optimization problem with nvidia as i thought (and probably you knew it). Maybe, in future you will successes to solve it!
  5. After uninstalling the game long time ago, i saw today that you've released another hotfix (1.8.3), decided to give one more chance...but....the same thing Not responding - crash:( Cheers!
  6. On 24 September, just when processing. Just one time i've passed 24 and on 28 Sept...another Not responding. And it's do nothing even if i wait. I will try to create a new game and see if anything will change...but if not, for sure i will delete game from PC.
  7. I've uploaded Save Game, called ClaudiuS. Hope that you can find something:) Also, after Mancheste United Game i have always Freeze.
  8. new patch, same habbits! Seems it's worthless for posting and playing. Anyway, i will not refund for this game, just because i have a long collection of FM and for past days, i will let this behind. FM18 is dead, long live FM19 - maybe will work better!
  9. sorry to bump, but it's there a chance to have a playable game? Or i can forget and uninstall it?
  10. Still happening, even if i uninstall Asus Power4Gear:) And seems it's the same error: Football Manager 2018 18.1.1f1040318 (staging) and seems that many users are facing the same error:( Is there a solution?
  11. Full Game - first, i think 4-5 hours, without an issue and...from nowhere, again Not responding:( After this, the only way to solve it -> end process from task Manager:) Interesting thing, after i close game and try to open it again it's struggles, my CPU is on 100% and game is...awful, i can't do anything. Only a restart (or two) solve it! Unbelievable. After this, i start a new game and on 29 July...again Not Responding. I don't find this very professional...but what can i do? nothing.
  12. and after 3rd...next is 4th. Finished game, played in 3d...hit continue to leave the match... Freeze and not responding in Task Manager
  13. It's just one time freeze on a match:), but i will try to check with 3d and other thing - after this happens, when i tried to open again the game it's working like hell... in slow motion!!! and now.... 3rd freeze in ... 1h?!?
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