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  1. amazing. can we see some screenshots of squad and transfers and maybe Geubbels also. thanks
  2. very cool mate. can i see your transfers. i want to start a psg game like this and bring together all the best young french talent. well done 7 trophys is amazing even with a great squad.
  3. i play as bayern. my commercial income is about 100m euro. PSG and man city are up in the high 300s of millions. this figure is way off and should be 250m at least. how can bayern be so far behind on this. even ac milan had a bigger commercial turnover tha me i believe.
  4. great work Pro just fyi for next update http://www.premierleague.com/content/dam/premierleague/site-content/News/publications/other/2015-16-professional-free-transfers-report.pdf http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/news/2016-17/jun/100616-premier-league-clubs-submit-retained-and-released-lists.html
  5. @chasefailey isnt martinez really injury prone dont wanna jinx you but he is likely do a cruciate @chad2336 can i see your transfers mate. wanna sign some of same players. utds attack is so limp at min for me. if rooney doesnt score i generally lose or draw
  6. signing any staff for u19s even for big clubd (bayern) now an issue when it wasnt previously. was there a tweak in staff reps? also seems to be some new scouts.. have new staff been added?
  7. so hard to get going. good performance one week then just so bad. everyone inconsitent. making changes leads to a bad performance and making no changes leads to the same.playing with tika taca tactic..2 great wins and the rest just awful. so frustrating. Mon, 10/8/2015 20:00 Sunderland TV H 5 - 1 Barclays Premier League Sat, 15/8/2015 17:30 Liverpool TV A 1 - 3 Barclays Premier League Tue, 18/8/2015 19:45 Lazio TV A 0 - 1 Champions League Best Placed Playoff Leg 1 Sat, 22/8/2015 15:00 Aston Villa H 3 - 3 Barclays Premier League Wed, 26/8/2015 19:45 Lazio TV H 4 - 0 Champions League
  8. no barca saves in fm16??? they dont have adama and deulofeus buy backs included for some reason
  9. deulofeu and adama traore need buy backs added in. this really shouldn't have been overlooked by barca researcher. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/nov/19/everton-gerard-deulofeu-barcelona-buyback-clause http://www.insidefutbol.com/2015/08/13/barcelona-slap-buy-back-clause-into-adama-traore-aston-villa-deal/228930/
  10. was playing with roma and in march ac milan were at bottom of table. holidayed to june and they went down. first season!!!! will upload game tomorrow. obv all the players wanna leave but still.
  11. can anyone post some screenshots having won the league after 2016 in the new patch. im wondering how high Utd/Arsenal can get there turnover to? I assume 600m is achievable.
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