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  1. He could just be a naff defender. Most full backs tend to be converted wingers these days and their lack of defensive awareness at the back post is staggering and that's in real life, so I don't find it unfeasible to happen in a video game.
  2. To me it looks like he's covering his CB as there's a striker who has peeled off the CB's shoulder so naturally you'd want the RB to come round and cover the back post and get tight, but then the winger has played a top quality cross and showed some real vision to pick out the free man for the shot, leaving the RB in something of no man's land. This is realistic IMO.
  3. Nice, how you getting on in the PL? I'm in the Qatar World Cup season (2022/23) and we're top of the league after 19 games, making a very unlikely push for the title after missing out on Europa Conference League football last season after going on a 5 match losing streak to end the season slipping to 8th. I'm actually gutted as I really wanted to play in and win the conference league before I outgrew it but sadly I think I'm progressed too quickly and I doubt I'll ever play in it now with Hull on this save. Edit: The Everton game was the first one on the new patch. Not made much difference to my results thankfully, so all is well.
  4. what team are you? Couldn't work it out from the back of the kits lol. I literally sold every single one of my players barring George Long who is now my 3rd choice GK and Bowen. Everyone else I could barely get league 1 clubs to sign. The only exception to that was Norbert Balogh who was my top scorer with 20 in that promotion campaign and I managed to flog him to West Brom for £7.5m when in reality he isn't worth that.
  5. Yeah I never managed a team in a top division from the start. I managed to implement the 4-4-2 from the get go and get Hull City promoted out of the Championship with what is essentially a league one rated squad on FM exceptions being Bowen and Grosicki. I like to set it so there's no transfers in the first window for realism and then we didn't get any money in january anyways. So it was one of my best achievements on FM doing it with that squad to be honest. Then I tend to be super aggressive with transfers until I get a squad I'm happy with and tend to abuse my wage budget/utilising 3 year installments for transfers, essentially betting the club's financial stability on my ability to succeed which thankfully generally works. It was only when in the Premier League and the strength of the opposition led me to have to use the deep 4-2-3-1 away from home but it's good to have the 4-4-2 in case I need to go for broke when chasing an away game and vice-versa in home games it's nice to have a formation with an extra midfielder in there to see games out. Cheers for the skin link.
  6. Ayyy i like that a lot, I might have a go at using something similar. I have a real thing for back 3s/5s as I used to coach a team about 8 years ago and we had so much success using a 3-4-3/5-2-3 I've always tried to replicate it on FM but never managed to succeed entirely. My goal for this year was to finally create a successful 4-4-2 system as I've never managed to before and I'm of the belief that with the right instructions any system can be effective. The one I've utilised defo works at home although it's a bit weak away from home due to being pushed back due to an aggressive press from the opposition, that's what prompted me to use exactly the same instructions but with an additional man in midfield so I could continue to play possession based football but not get overran in the middle. In my first season in the PL when i used the 4-4-2 home and away, we played well at home but away we just couldn't cut it, so I had to adapt it. Eddie Howe needs to take note haha, his 4-4-2 is horrific away from home. Side note: what's that skin you're using and how do you find the stats like you just showed me with it showing your record across your previous seasons with average ratings?
  7. That sounds good bro, I'm impressed you've managed to get a back 5 to work effectively, is it a flat 5-4-1? I used to always try to get a 5-2-3 to work back in the day but had mixed success due to not having the bodies in the midfield to cover the space either side of the 2 in midfield. I defo feel you can use a back 5 with a slow tempo or in a defensive setting to see out games but i've always struggled to have enough control for my liking. At the moment I'm using a 4-2-2-2 (essentially 4-4-2) at home and a deep 4-2-3-1 away to help gain possession in away games.
  8. what formation you using bro? with a back 5 you gotta park the bus or you'll get destroyed (Newcastle in real life are a good example of using this effectively or Everton vs Leicester the weekend just gone). If you use a high line in a back 5 you won't have the bodies to press higher up the field and just leave yourself exposed to through balls. Plus if you've got the width set to real narrow are your midfielders able to cover the space effectively to close down their players on the ball? Essentially 5 men defences really only work when there's the 5 man block with a 4 man block in front of them to literally defend the penalty area/space just in front of it. *** Check Champfan10's 5-4-1 - he's managed to get it working well from more of a possession perspective
  9. Yeah I'm glad you appreciate it, I'm really enjoying it now. I was worried my tactics wouldn't work (I do play a high-ish line but don't counter and focus on slowly building attacks so we don't turn the ball over a lot) but so far they still seem to be reasonable effective although we do concede from the odd through ball over the top. If you're gonna use a high line don't set your team to counter and you should find you don't give away the ball in transition allowing the opposition to launch one over the top whilst your players are out of position. When I was using a high line, fast tempo and counter attacking I was getting destroyed on the break - even on the old match engine so god knows how bad it would've been on this one with more accurate one on ones. I don't know how much attention the developers pay to the feedback in this thread but I don't want them to destroy a match engine on the basis people don't understand tactics and how to set a team up effectively. Just to clarify that's a general statement and not at all referring to you who's said you recognised the issue and fixed it.
  10. That's why in real life a lot of teams prefer to play deep and counter. There's more space to play into. There's very few teams that play with a really high line and succeed. Usually the top, top teams like Man City and even they're having difficulties from time to time at the moment. Teams have learnt how to easily exploit a high line hence why you get managers like Valverde at Barcelona often choosing to sit deeper in defensive banks to eliminate the space in behind. Another good example of this is when you play a game like PES or FIFA. I tend to find it's usually the team who dominates the ball who gets beaten as it's difficult to find space to penetrate whereas the opponent then spams the through ball on the break and wins. It applies to real life and video games to be honest. Liverpool are a good example too, they're much more effective when the other team comes to play against them as then they revert to long ball counter attacks. Usually Henderson or one of the fullbacks/Van Dijk punting it long into the channel for Mane or Salah to chase.
  11. Are you playing with a really high line? Because it would make sense for deep through balls to be effective against you if you are and your midfield/forwards aren't successfully pressing the ball player. If you're playing a deep block and still conceding from deep through balls then there's defo a problem.
  12. lmao what even is this..... My striker actually scored a hattrick! Edit: lmfao not sure why the Leicester boss played Caglar in CM and Ndidi at CB but each to their own
  13. lmao sadly that was against me, but I appreciated it's realism. You can see how the striker bundles past my last man scruffily before getting it out of his feet to slide it past the keeper.
  14. Just furthermore, my strikers are no longer flopping... Neal Maupay has gone from been absolutely tragic for my boys to actually doing a decent job leading the line, scoring some goals and making some assists. Thank god.
  15. Here's the second goal from this match which I mentioned in the post (too big attachment size to attach both). Big improvement... VID-20191204-WA0004.mp4
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