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  1. The one save that I had this from, I was going to upload it as I was in brief conversation with one of the SI guys over on the fmmvibe forum but it turned out that the stats recorded correctly at the end of that season. My game is/was more inline with what it shows above in Craig's game... 17/18 recorded fine for my team (Salford City) and all the leagues but the spanish la liga, but then it missed 18/19 out and didn't record this for any of the leagues, but when I got to the end of the 19/20 season, just as I was about to save and upload that game for review, I decided to check and see if it would correctly record the history and it did again. So I ended up with a strange 17/18 yes, 18/19 no, 19/20 yes result. Weirdly I checked York City though and Jon Parkin specifically and he had all the seasons recorded, so I have no idea what is going on with that save. Is this not a common issue at all then?
  2. Been having an issue whereby the player history after the first season isn't recording and is disappearing leaving a gap in the history of every player which is really annoying. I presume this is a bug and not just because the mobile version doesn't have the capacity to record each player's statistics? I've had some players in my own team who have had their 17/18 season history recorded but then there's players like Messi in my screenshot here that don't have that season at all.
  3. Hmm, so I've been at Messina for 11 years and have become a club legend having won Serie A for the previous 3 seasons and now the time has come to build a new stadium and yet despite the club having a whole number of legends to choose from including myself, they choose to call it the highly creative name 'Messina Stadium'. What's the criteria to have a stadium named after you? I always thought it was a near cert. if you are a legend when the club builds a new ground. Evidently not...
  4. Even with shots set to less often and retain possession and work into box, pointless long shots from 35 yards out are rife. So unintelligent. two v one breakaway, or evading the last man, let's shoot from 30 yards out.... smh. Playing with Barca.
  5. What on earth is the criteria for the 'Possession Football' board confidence going up? My Barcelona team is averaging at least 65% possession every game and yet it's stuck on 50% meanwhile attacking football is on 100%. Apparently we're only displaying 'signs' of implementing a possession game...
  6. May not be the correct place to ask this, but is it possible to allow the option to tell centre backs to run with the ball? I managed to replicate a system which was something like using a half back on FM this year in FM13 by telling CBs to hug touchline and run with the ball often. The only problem now with not being able to tell my CBs to run with the ball is that even if they split and don't have anyone closing them down, they just basically stand with the ball rather than running upfield with the ball until they are closed down. I'm sure there'll be other FM players who did something similar to a similarly excellent result and I guess I'd like the freedom to allow my defenders to build from the back properly again.
  7. Forgive me for my ignorance, but where is the option to have your tactics change strategy based on how your team is doing throughout the match? I'm sure I saw screenshots which showed you could say, start as standard, then if the scores are level after 15 minutes, change to attacking etc.
  8. I'm so confused, all my players' stats keep going down, my 30 year old AMs acc and pace went down from 14/11 to 11/9 in just one season. Most of my younger players stats keep going down too and I have absolutely no idea how I can prevent this from happening. How does the players' individual training correlate to the team's overall training etc? No matter what I do players' workloads are too high, then either they complain or stats go down, in fact regardless of what I do, stats seem to go down. Also, what does 'player x's development has slowed somewhat and he needs better challenges to further his progress' mean? We need to get promoted to a better league? TBH I like the idea of the new system but I have no idea where to go about starting. Like seriously, how can a 29 year old who's not had any injuries and has played most games between starting the game at 29 years old and reaching 30 like he is now lose so many stats, 14 to 11 and 11 to 9 on acceleration and pace is one of the steepest drops I've seen for absolutely no real reason at all. His technicals have gone down too which I don't understand. Anyone cracked this and care to point me in the right direction? Thanks
  9. Also, another thing, in future FMs, for stadium names, any chance you could include the national equivalent of the name stadium for each country, so rather than a new Bari stadium being known as 'Bari Stadium' it could be called 'Stadio Bari' which would at least make it seem a bit more realistic, you know? (other than Juventus Stadium, this doesn't happen)
  10. Has league history in clubs' history screen been fixed so it shows all previous seasons? And will it be fixed for existing save games and not just new ones?
  11. np, thanks for responding. Anyone else who's made a beta save and is using in in the full game care to check for me? "Aaron, do you know if the league history is fixed with the update? As in, the screen which shows the league results a club has had over the year (points, wins/losses, GD+- etc.) and is it fixed for existing save games or only ones which are newly created?"
  12. Aaron, do you know if the league history is fixed with the update? As in, the screen which shows the league results a club has had over the year (points, wins/losses, GD+- etc.) and is it fixed for existing save games or only ones which are newly created?
  13. just wondering if anything is going to be done about teamtalks, whereby you can't talk to a player individually first and then when you do a general teamtalk followed by their individual team talks the player gets angry or confused. Example: Winning 2-0 at half time, I tell my team to make sure we don't get complacent, more or less everyone responds positively except my striker who scored the two goals and his partner who assisted them both, then I commend them both for their performances in the first half and they get confused. It'd be better if this would override, no? Seeing as you're explaining to them that they're doing great. -------- Also, a quick one, which I asked about in the feedback thread but not no, erm, feedback... League history - has anyone else noticed it missing when you go onto the club's history and then try and view it? (past seasons where you can view the points tally, wins/losses etc.) and also, if this is known to be an issue, will it be fixed in an update without you having to start your whole save again to see the effect?
  14. Can I just reiterate this what tomasj said in the bold text, no league history in club's history screen. Also when this is fixed will it be fixed for all current save games or only newly started ones as this would be a real pain given I've started my main save? Is this being fixed, SI?
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