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  1. Currently have a Acer Aspire Desktop X3812 Quad Core Intel 2.8Ghz 4gb Ram NVidia Graphics Card 128mb runs game well, can load quite a lot of leagues and players, with basic graphics but received a tax rebate today and have ordered an extra 4gb RAM, and a Sapphire HD 5450 1GB DDR2 DVI VGA HDMI Out PCI-E Low Profile Graphics Card Hopefully can run a whole lot more leagues and have better match day view.
  2. I'm still having trouble getting the game to turn over to a new year. I have added 2 leagues to Scotland, Juniors West Premier League, and Juniors West Division One. When plain and simple 2 up and 2 down between them is added, it works fine, game continues as normal. when I add a promotion/relegation playoff is added, it allows the playoff to be played, but all league competitions stay at their finished state when the season turns over, the cup competitions (Scottish Cup, league cup and challenge cup), all are competed for, and the teams that have qualified for Europe take part in European competitions, the u19 leagues restart too. Rankings and fates are set for new leagues and the playoff competition. Here is file if anyone can identify the problem. Advanced Editor - West of Scotland Leagues
  3. Wasn't until you posted that I realised the connotations of that name, when I signed up my two black cats were hovering about, I'm an Aberdeen fan, not Sunderland, don't have a particular English team, although I do have a soft spot for Everton for some reason, and for Man U, but only because Fergie manages them, once he leaves I'll probably hate them like everyone else. Okay, so ok so far with editor, but once my season ends it doesn't update and the leagues in Scotland don't move on to the next year (i.e SPL stays on the same league standings as previous year), and no new fixture lists are generated.
  4. I'd go with starting with a file that you can choose to load up, means you dont muck up main databse, far easier this year with advanced panel than last year, already got scottish west junior super league up and running, just checking promotions and relegations work
  5. This is ace, just loaded the SPL in to editor and having a look around the advanced panels, shame its 6 1/2 hrs before I can properly test things
  6. Excellent, been trying to get it activated all day (have pre-loaded through steam so can't play game) Any new features of note?
  7. Anyone with a Steam pre-load looked at the possibility of advanced panels in FM11 yet? Editor is there and available to look at once downloaded, but can't remember how we got them all set up with xml files on FM10
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