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  1. 105 points will be enough to win the title! Wait...it won't
  2. Hello Guys, I am able to use the logo pack, but for some reason the game does not see any skin I am placing to the skins folder, which is at the correct place, same folder as the graphics, which is working. Restarting doesn't help. Anyone knows how to fix this? Use skin cache is unticked and reload skin is ticked.
  3. I have mentioned that when I tried to create a new save the program closed without any error message. Tried several different save games to load without success. Anyway I had to reinstall FMT and now my old save is working again. Thanks for your replies though.
  4. Hi SI, I am using FMT and when I am trying to load my saved game (last played on the 3rd April without issues) I receive crash dump message. Until now I have: - Deleted Preferences and Caches Folder - Verified integrity of game files - Updated my NVIDIA graphics card to the latest driver (released 11th April) - Set everything in the NVIDIA Control Panel as instructed (power management mode to prefer maximum performance) Yesterday I was able to load and play versus mode. I am attaching the crash dump file and the dxdiag file. Waiting for your reply. Thanks. Edit: I have now tried to create a new save and the game was closed without any error message. FM 2019 Touch v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.12 23.35.12).dmp DxDiag.txt
  5. Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern and Man. City are the teams I would like to rename.
  6. Hi All, I am trying to change team names in the editor, but when starting new game it is still showing the original one. After exporting and using in versus mode, still original names. What am I missing to change to make this working properly? Thx
  7. Could you please give some details how to do it?
  8. Hi Lucas! Many thanks for sharing this cool skin. I would like to give some feedback: - The basic idea is fantastic, the green theme, the old school feeling and the font type are awesome - I think the tactic panel is too dark, especially the field part. - The background picture should be changed to some more soft and real grass theme Thanks for all your efforts making the game more joyful to all of us! *Edit: maybe the original tactics panel could be used?
  9. Hi, Since yesterday my FMT is crashing when trying to load any saved game or to create a new one. Previously this could be solved when deleting the exported teams, where files were created with previous versions, but this folder is empty now. I have deleted cache, preferences and veryfied integrity. DxDiag 26 March.txt FMT 2018 v18.3.0.1069756 (2018.03.26 07.00.44).dmp
  10. Hi All, I've created a custom squad for Newcastle to play in the Premier League and the Dynamics in the team is Abysmal at the start of the season. Tried to affect it with making all players english and changing their history to have played 2 years for the club (this is only visible in the editor), but no effect, the team has the worst Dynamics in the league. Any ideas how to change this?
  11. Hi experts! Maybe a dumb question, but I would like to edit things in the Hungarian 1st and 2nd league, but the advanced rules option is grey. How could I make it active?
  12. The injury removal stands for all teams in the league so that all teams can play with their strongest setup at all time. This actually means the test is even harder. The fact that the roster is customised is for making the test easier for all kind of formations. Finally, the media prediction was calculated based on the CA of the players. Yes, this is not a normal save, this is a testing environment where time is crucial and you don't want to test your team management skills, only the tactic itself. Pointless? Couldn't agree less.
  13. This Burnley squad has players in the ability range of 139-144 and media prediction is 11th.
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