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  1. Even with more draws you scored more goals/conceded fewer than the previous year, so things are definitely going well either way
  2. I remember on FMH10 then Michael Noone was a decent lower league footballer, apparently he's playing for Eastbourne Boro now so he may be worth checking out.
  3. Thanks for the response marc, good to hear that the two versions are the same now Since I didn't get last years version, what new features did that one have that would also exist in 2014? 2012 is becoming a bit easy now so I'm looking forward to getting the new release
  4. So last year after growing a bit disillusioned with the whole idea of any sort of franchise I opted to buy every other release of footy manager. Now being the proud owner of Football Manager 2014 and seeing the huge difference between that and '12 I was wondering if anyone could help me out here by highlighting the main new features in FMH 14 that weren't in '12. Are newgens in the game yet? Is Android finally on par with iOS in terms of features? Thanks in advance
  5. Just checking in to say I'm following this thread and it seems that normal dafuge service has already resumed. Great work daf!
  6. He left Cardiff to play in Toronto in Canada - I'd suggest that Norway is a tad closer to Wales than Canada is
  7. I have an issue with your £84 loss comment dec...most people pirating the game won't be buying it anyway. Not to say that piracy is right or a good thing. Interesting though about 12/1 as that's what many other companies claim as well (although the main location for piracy is almost universally Asia as you said). Interesting article Piracy hardly affects sales as it is anyway....so money isn't really lost, but it gives you a massive advertising boost, 1000000 sales but 12x pirates? Boast about having over 10,000,000 users instead!
  8. What's so slow about generating newgens anyway? Store the templates in binary form, use bitwise operations to get information out of it (that's all pretty fast and takes up little space), and then add a random offset to these templates. None of those takes up much space, and the template just needs to used in a switch statement or something to generate the various stats that template gives...
  9. Ooh, 4 hours battery life? Does that apply to older phones on 2012 as well? I might start feeling a little less nervous about playing FMH now I know how long the battery should last with it aha. Although, still on the topic of newgens (I can't let it go sorry ), you're not going to need to introduce more than a hundred or two more newgens per year? Assuming the average season lasts for 2hours, that's one newgens generated every 10-20 seconds, I'm sure you could get some clever code in that only runs quietly whilst the users in the UI and not doing anything processor intensive and use this to help generate your newgens in the background instead if the phones single core, or am I missing something more here again?
  10. No, way back in 2010 I remember bidding on players and bigger teams instantly buying them for a much higher price.
  11. Even if a single core is less powerful, you have 4 cores - that's four times the processing capability. In the very least, in multiple cores are found on a device you could dedicate one of them to newgen generation and add the newgens to a stack to introduce into the game, before too long you'd have a massive stack of newgens to be added into the game.* Similarly other leagues could just be put on another core and simulated there. If you have four cores, you effectively have four older smartphones (which all ran FMH), so exploit that ability with multi-threaded code! Run whole leagues on other cores, simulate newgens, whatever you process there as long as it's not too memory intensive will have no impact on the speed of the rest of the game. * This could be exploited similarly so that any time the game notices a lull in activity it generates newgens so that processing intensive tasks aren't so slow, and when a user is browsing the UI not much power is required.
  12. I would like newgens as well, definitely. My two most wanted, by far are: Having more than one league loaded Newgens.
  13. One of the things you'll learn is that for whatever reason team owners don't seem to want to sack Dave Jones despite two failed play-offs, failed FA cup and missing promotion over four years.
  14. Doesn't help the community has been fragmented onto two sites.... Eitherway I'm not paying too much attention until details of FMH14 come out as I don't have FMH13 (didn't feel the amount of improvements was worth the premium price plus addition of DLC.
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