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  1. They got relegated on mine with record low points... Knocked me out FA cup though...
  2. Happens all the time as has for several past versions... A recent example that sticks out on mine is Royston Drenthe in my first season with Stoke, wouldn't budge lower than £30k pw from me...(i couldn't afford this) Ended up signing with Espanyol for just £10k pw...
  3. '*Opponents name* Strikes Lucky' This news item is the bane of my life at the moment with Stoke... I'm not complaining about the game itself...it's just Jones and Crouch can't hit a barn door and Owen is injured constantly! So it got me thinking...what is your New Item headline you hate to see the most??
  4. I had Cryuff for United and he must have had a fetish for Spanish GKs over the age of 35 as he tried to buy 5...after the 3rd one it stopped being funny. Once again SI add something to the game that is not even close to working...if it's anything like press conferences, expect DoF to be fixed and working properly by FM2018...
  5. but Bolts slow starts are probably faster than any footballers quick starts!
  6. is that the 'deleting your cache' one yeah? what is a cache? sorry...i know very little about computers...wont delete me game saves no?
  7. Here is a screenshot... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/31/screenshot20120814at220.png/
  8. Thanks for the reply! Since i updated to OSXML i've only got it to work fine twice...the rest of the time i've had the black boxes...also large area of colour look slighty fuzzy... I've tried running FM on its own and with other apps open...but have had the black boxes every time. Windowed/full screen make no difference. The original fix of restarting my Mac must have been luck/coincidence because it hasn't worked since...
  9. Sorry guys, don't like bumping...but i still have this issue. I've posted in the bugs forum but no reply there either No body has no idea?
  10. *Just switched my macbook on and off again and now it is fine...no black boxes again! Obviously don't want to be doing that every time :S
  11. Morning guys and girls! Got a little problem...downloaded Mac OS X Mountain Lion last night on my recently brought Macbook Pro... Football manager obviously worked fine before it...and it still does now...EXCEPT...regen faces now have this ugly black box around their faces! I then came out of the game and reset my macbook...then loaded FM again for it to be fine again...no black boxes.... Switch it on again this morning, run FM and the ugly black boxes are back again!!! Obviously not a big issue...but one i'd like resolved! Any ideas?
  12. No offence to the OP but you have completely contradicted yourself...no one knows what will be in FM12 as of yet, so, this IS a 'What do you want in FM12' thread!!!
  13. oh yeah, i was just trying to say that it happens IRL way more than it does on FM! and yeah, i like that idea...and as much as i don't like the guy, you could see John Terry do that kind of thing!
  14. playing though injuries with injections is something that is VERY common IRL... specially towards the end of the season when matches come thick and fast and carry more importance... but on FM? i've never given a player an injection!
  15. read about it on here, downloaded it, ruined a save then deleted it... it just made the whole game too easy and completely ruined the authenticity of being a manager...the save kind of instantly got boring... however, i have re dowdloaded it from time to time to fix things...i.e changing colour schemes for kits etc to keep the aesthetics fresh! then i just delete it again!
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