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  1. I think if you uninstall and then reinstall you'll get the current released build of the game, but I could be wrong.
  2. Unless something has changed since last year, the moment an update installs you're 'stuck' with that version.
  3. Bring back Sliders and start series 6 with that episode.
  4. Hopefully SI can bring in an AI rage quit to the game. If a human player can do it, it's only fair that the AI can too.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has seen someone get booked for timewasting? Just lost a game(don't mind that in the slightest) but their goalkeeper took 30 seconds to take a goal kick and there were no subs being made.
  6. Here you go http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/408459-Reviewed-Goalkeepere-Free-kick
  7. I agree. Time for it to be removed or at least give us the option on who we want to take our defensive free kicks, when they're outside the box.
  8. Damn! So I didn't overlook something. Seems a bit silly, but on the positive side if the AI can score from those situations it means I can too, right?
  9. Is there an option that I might have missed, to stop goalkeepers taking free kicks near the corner flag?
  10. A couple of things I need some help with, sorry if they've already been answered. 1)Regarding wingers: It seems no matter where they get the ball on the field they 'always' seem to run to the corner/byline and then instead of crossing they wait for the fullback and at times another player to close them down then one of three things happens, 1)he gets tackled 2)he tries to get a corner but fails 3) he passes back to a CM. Is there a way to get him to cross the ball before he's closed down etc? Also is there a way to get them to run in a straight line instead of always heading to the corner? 2
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