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  1. Can we please have the random player on 2 goals taking a penalty stop! Always seems to happen when you're one goal up late in the game, you miss then the AI scores. I don't care about him getting a hat-trick. You think if Chelsea get a penalty in the remaining 20 odd minutes of their game today, they'll be letting Marcos Alonso take it?
  2. Just something I find a little odd. The club I'm managing have just offered me a new contract. Now the oddity for me is that the DoF is the one in charge of offering me the new deal. Yet I could sack him if I wanted too, hire another DoF with rubbish stats and possibly get a much better deal from the club. Also with the offside being called after you(or the AI) have got the ball and are about to or have started a good counter attack, shouldn't advantage be played and the offside flag ignored by the Ref? Aside from those two minor things, good job SI people.
  3. Not tried to sign one yet. But if you scout Germany you now get German players appear on your scouts shortlist. Think I've seen someone, somewhere on here say they've signed a German player.
  4. Reading this thread has persuaded me to accept the challenge. Just a question, I know that like my favourite cycling team Euskaltel Euskadi that Athletic can only sign Basque players, but do they sign non Basque nationals for staff roles?
  5. I think and I may be wrong but there have been no changes to the database so it's the same as when the game got released so it's still 17.1.0 whereas there have been a couple of patches which is why the game version is 17.1.2.
  6. Full back issue is sorted. Haven't seen a winger shoot from the byline yet, so maybe that's no longer an issue either.
  7. Also have a guy who's homesick and wants to return home even though he's been in the UK for almost a decade, said ok you can go. No one wants him and I've offered him out for 25% of his value even had the option to tell him to find himself another club but no one wants him. The window is open for another 4 days and I'm pretty sure I'll have another unhappy player on my hands. Edit: I guess I could release him but that will cost me over a million pounds and I don't want to 'reward' that kind of behaviour.
  8. These promises annoy me. A player comes to me in November wants to leave to join Man Utd, so we hash it out and agree if they bid £38million he can leave. Get to January, the window opens no bids from Man Utd, but Man City make an offer of £27 million which I refuse. Yes you've guessed it the player gets mad and says I've broken my promise to him.
  9. Ok thanks for pointing me in the correct direction. Not sure if I have a saved game just before the game though.
  10. Not sure if this is the right thread for this but it's kind of feedback. Just played a game, Bournemouth vs Southampton. Bournemouth wore their blue kit(is that their away or 3rd kit) and Southampton wore their home kit.
  11. Did it with Aberdeen in FM15, although it took 18 years to do. First 5 years were spent battling with Celtic and then Rangers when they got back into the Premiership. The second 5 years were spent winning the league picking up European cash and building. The next set of 5 years were spent getting to the knockout rounds of the Champions League earning more European money and then finally we won it. In fact I've been struggling to decide what team to go with so I may fire up a Scottish save. As for Hearts, I'm sure my wife's cousins may have achieved your goal of winning the Champions League with Hearts, that's who they support and used to play as when they played FM.
  12. HSV in 4th. Huge bug that needs fixing
  13. I think if you uninstall and then reinstall you'll get the current released build of the game, but I could be wrong.
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