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  1. I would if I lived near London but I don't. I live in Dudley, 180 miles away.
  2. Socre Limit...

    My highest victory is 7-0 vs Macedonia for England. I've won 6-0 around 50 times.
  3. [FM11] dafuge on tour

    How are Wolves doing Daf? Are we a yoyo team, a midtable side or a side challenging for the title? Or are we in League 2? Thanks in advance.
  4. I had a regen in FMH2009 get 60-odd.
  5. Wolves career

    2012/13 In: Lee Hodson (Wigan) £8M Gareth Bale (Tottenham) £14.5M Out: Stephen Hunt (Bolton) £2.4M Danny Batth (Stoke) £1.5M Stephen Ward (St Mirren) £1.1M Bob Harris (Bolton) £190K We finished 4th on 67 points, pipping Liverpool by 1 point. P W D L F A PTS POS 38 20 7 11 74 54 67 4 I also won the UEFA Cup (), beating Sporting Lisbon 3-2 in the final. I only scored 60 goals in Europe () My top scorer was Steven Fletcher AGAIN, this time with 21 League Goals and 47 goals overall.
  6. Right, I haven't posted on here for a while, but I'm back now! I started a Wolves career last week with the aim of taking us back to the 1950's glory days. I'm now in my 3rd season, and can only remember bits about the first two. Here goes: 2010/11 In: Mirko Barocelli (Picenza) £100K Leigh Griffiths (Dundee) £150K Jano (Spartak Moscow) £3.1M Alex Smithies (Huddersfield) £110K Paddy McCourt (Celtic) £1.5M Out I have no idea I've forgot. We finished in 12th place on 46 points. Steven Fletcher was my top scorer with 23 goals overall. 2011/12 In: Ben Amos (Man Utd) £3.7M Ronnie Stam (Wigan) £7.25M Andrea Dossena (Napoli) £3.7M Also a fair few regans came through. I know I sold Ronald Zubar to West Ham, but that's all I can remember. This season was a very good one. I finished 7th on 55 points, and I also won the League Cup! Steven Fletcher was again my top scorer with 27 goals overall.
  7. It won't happen unless SI or Sega do a deal with Nintendo.
  8. Mod Requests

    Thanks dafuge. Never noticed.
  9. Mod Requests

    No it aint. I meant my Liberia thread dafuge. Soz for the confusion. I've never seen that thread before?
  10. Mod Requests

    Can someone delete this thread please? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/25304
  11. Liberia????? World Cup???? Nah...

    Where does it say 'Embed this Image?'
  12. Liberia????? World Cup???? Nah...

    Forum Code? Soz for being a noob. Once I've figured it out I'll post my first two matches up.
  13. Liberia????? World Cup???? Nah...

    I just wondered what the 'Direct' URL means? I'm not exactly the computer person.
  14. Liberia????? World Cup???? Nah...

    How the hell did you do that????
  15. Liberia????? World Cup???? Nah...

    Imageshack. I did everything I was meant to, eg pasting it into paint, uploading it to Imageshack, and posting the url on here.