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  1. Oh, you can definitely tweak them to do whatever you want. I should have said "by default." One of my favorite players I've ever managed was a CM(s) in a Very Fluid system who basically played like an all-around holding playmaker because of his PPMs and PIs, but they're pretty bland "off the shelf."
  2. It's more that he gets into positions where long shots are viable. The DLP(d) stays deep, wary of a break, while the support duty version will push up into available space if it makes sense. That sometimes puts him in position to have a pop at goal from outside the area. I think the DLP(s) actually gets ahead of the more static CM(s) sometimes (I don't use either role/duty combo very often), but yes, he starts from deeper and the team will look to use him as a hub for passing. The CM(s) is about as boring as a player can be. A true nuts and bolts midfielder.
  3. If you're specifically trying to recreate Conte's back three, the closest thing is CD (stopper), BPD (cover), CD (stopper), although you could equally well put the middle of the three on a Libero role. This is effectively what Conte would do in games where Pirlo was marked out of the game, shifting the responsibility for direct passing further back to an unmarked Bonucci. Pirlo works better as a regista, incidentally. The rest is pretty accurate, though I'd probably use defensive wingers (or wing-backs).
  4. A DLP(s) does a certain amount of (mostly vertical) movement into space under the right circumstances. Roam from Position would tell him to be more aggressive in finding pockets of space, including laterally. Hold Position would tell him to not to venture forward even when there's opportunity to do it in transition. An AF(a) can't hold position because by definition he attacks available space, trying to run onto through balls or move into channels. Roam from Position would make him more aggressive in doing so.
  5. I know players having personality 'Unsporting' or 'Realist' indicates low Sportsmanship. There might be others.
  6. What is his media handling, just out of curiosity? I think those descriptions are influenced by temperament, professionalism, and controversy more than anything else.
  7. I think diving is affected by either Dirtiness and Sportsmanship (or both), neither of which you can see. I think the only thing that would fix this is tutoring, as what affects hidden attributes in general is mystifying to me. It's possible issuing a warning helps, but I honestly don't know. I've only seen a player of mine manage to get himself sent off by diving once, and like you I found it kinda funny.
  8. I've been using the ideas in this thread for my FM11 demo schedules, and seen good results. You don't really need to see a 'new' schedule as such, just apply the principles of baseline/focus while taking into account the new number of attributes per category. I mean ideally you'd almost have a schedule per player (though that level of micromanagement might verge on excessive), so having set schedules for download isn't as effective.
  9. Anyone got an idea of how Goalkeeping Training should be handled in FM11 now that it's split into two categories? Or even an idea of how many attributes each category covers, so I can take it from there?
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