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  1. I like the loyalty discount, but I will need to try this year's match engine before I buy this time. That the game was left in its current state after the rote three tentpole patches last year was extremely disappointing.
  2. I'm kind of a fan, but only because I once qualified for the CL in Italy from 5th position thanks to Inter and Lazio(?) failing FFP.
  3. This is the formation I play. I've seen my "goals from crosses" stat for a season hit 50%, and my full-backs always finish the season with >7.50 average rating. It's probably even more pronounced/effective because I'm in Italy.
  4. After ten seasons of FM16, I think crossing is a significant issue, but not quite as a significant as is being made out here. Big parts of the problem seems to be the inability of central defenders to stay with their man as a cross comes in, and the total inability of goalkeepers to come and claim or punch the ball. They just stay on their line and get shelled, over and over again. It's by far my biggest issue with the ME. What makes it funnier is it's really, really hard to train the technical attributes of full backs and wing backs in this iteration. I don't know if it's a quirk with how training regimes are set up, but despite every effort and ten years of solid youth development, I've managed to produce about two players who had any technical attributes (besides Tackling) over 13 by their 23rd birthdays. They're all tactical and physical beasts, but they just don't develop, and they complain constantly about having to do individual training on, e.g., Crossing or Dribbling. It's not just my development, either. Worldwide in 2025, I can count the DL/DRs with Crossing >14 on both hands.
  5. 1. Fill your squad with professional, determined players. 2. Tell them they're disappointing and don't deserve your love at every opportunity. 3. When they complain, dismiss their complaints if possible. 4. Don't make any promises. 5. If by mistake you do make promises, keep them. 6. Be chill with the media and don't say anything too extreme. 7. Win.
  6. Your "mistake" was fining a player for two yellows. 1. Warn (don't fine) a player for two yellows. 2. Fine them one week's pay for a professional foul straight red (and a one-match ban). 3. Fine them two weeks' pay for violent conduct (and multiple-match bans). I don't know why it's so formulaic, but this is what works with every player, regardless of their personality. You may still need to talk to them for the latter two cases, but if you stand by your decision they will always back down.
  7. On the subject of crosses, these goals happened five games apart: [video=youtube;dNEsyF9qazg] [video=youtube;aUGyfNLp-jQ]
  8. I find it works better if your players have been at the club for a long time and especially if they list the club as one of their favorites. But yeah, I only use it once or twice a season.
  9. In my eight seasons of FM16, I don't think I've had a DL/DR finish the year with less than a 7.5 average rating. My WB(a) signings have been my fans' player of the season every single season (they're the only wide players I use; I don't have anybody in the M/AM strata in a 4-3-1-2). I keep selling them on at inflated prices and replacing them with the journeymen. Same result: they bed in instantly, get bags of assists, and can be easily sold on and replaced at year's end. It's a good money-spinner, at least! Crosses are put in too easily, are far too accurate even with middling stats (e.g. Crossing, Technique, Vision all 12 or lower), cause absolute havoc in defenses, and are rarely claimed by the keeper. SI may be right that the percentage of goals scored directly from crosses overall is true to real life, but they still look preposterously overpowered in the game engine — just pinging from boot to boot across huge distances with the opposition defense seemingly powerless to stop them. And because many goals result from the havoc caused by an initial cross if the striker misses, the "goals from crosses" stat is probably underselling their efficacy, if anything.
  10. I was having to add so many tweaks to get my defenders to behave, and it was all the harder because I consistently play wingless formations without ML/MR or AML/AMR cover. This sounds great.
  11. to all of these. I can't believe I'm stuck at work all day before I get to play this. The ME was already in the best launch state that I've seen in years.
  12. Right now: zero, apparently. And only eleven first team players. Players are jerks. I keep 'em on a short leash. It helps if you bring them all in as youths (or through the academy) and sign them to long-term deals early.
  13. This is tricky to fix, because it's one of the subtle ways the game prevents the unintelligent defenses from getting shredded (although they are being shredded by crossing right now anyway). Raising your team's tempo, using full backs instead of wing backs, the team instruction to "hit early crosses," and making sure they actually have a player or run to target will all help.
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