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  1. I deleted the steam workshop folder. now it comes of full screen when loading and says. not well-formed (invalidtoken) at line 1 of tool strip settings.xml Help please.
  2. Mine is the same work ok yesterday, Used steam workshop today for first time., then tryed to load game it just freezes at Football manager 2014 page then says loading and moves to foriegn writing. Waited 30 mins and still nothing.
  3. Am Celtic and only had one spl match moved for TV, Also TV prize money is well off, £9000 for a live tv match in the last qualifer of the champions league lol. We get ten times that for a Scottish cup match, thats proberly wrong in game also.
  4. Far too many goals for me, over 30 goals in 6 SPL matches on opening day of season. Always random scores like 4-4, 5-3, 6-2 etc every set of fixtures. Its the same every version until it gets fixed, Always so hard to keep a clean sheet playing 442.
  5. Transfer deadline day is massive in R/L, so think this should be a massive in the next football manager. Even the last week of the transfer window should be alot more busy than the start. Deadline day - Loads of roumors, reporters asking questions, deals falling through at last minute, deals going through at last minute, players registration not going through on time, waiting on results of medicals, Clubs offering and bidding on players. Clubs offering more money for players. Agents getting more involved, media asking questions etc.
  6. How about your scouts or ass manager, coming to you with a list of players that would be intrested in joining your club who are on a bosman. Also please make it alot more easy to arrange friendly matches, am sick of trying to make a tounament or go on tour with teams always saying no. A list of teams intrested and how much it would cost for home matches would be good.
  7. Am all for Match posponments in FM08, makes it a lot more relistic if you manage a lower league club. An option in the editor to put in tv stations for live games for each competition. The 2d match engine maybe changing a bit, i know it has been improved lots since Fm05, but its looked the same for 3 versions of the game, maybe add more diffrent kind of pitches. its a bit unrealistic when you play the opening game of the season and you have a really muddy pitch, just cause the weather is raining.
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