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  1. Same issue here everyone is facing, not sure how the packages work. I am in Vanarama North and have the lowest package for the my league only but it only has 30 players in which half of them my scouts already know so it I am not sure its worth paying for. I think the package should show more players from the league intended. My scouts dont seem to find many players as it did in FM17. Not sure if this is due to the fact they have low stats (player ability = 12 , potential ability =12). Maybe someone with better scouts let us know if hes having the same issue. On a side note I like it is more difficult to find players than previous versions. In FM17 it was easy to find wonderkids and great players and build a strong team. My issue with this years system is not being difficult to find players but rather how the system works. specially the package system.
  2. That is about right as I bought him first season with Manchester United for £110m. Scored a goal on his debut. really enjoy seeing him and Lukaku upfront.
  3. Glad one of my suggestions made it through to FM18. Managing Manchester United and during philosophies meeting and for the first time the club stood firm on playing attacking football and develop youth players through youth system. As I tried removing the philosophies but they rejected the request. Now this makes it very interesting to have to adapt to different philosophies of different clubs.
  4. I had the same issue also black and white screen with music then crash. Updated everything and tried everything on the fix list not luck. But deleting D3DGear SOLVED the problem. Thanks. Now its working fine.
  5. I think Football Manager has improved a lot from what it was before. Does it still need polishing and improving? Yes very much. I think in terms of a football game its a matter of keep improving each year for ever as it will never be 100% perfect. Now looking at it from another perspective. Is the game tactics screen intentionally made easier so that the average Joe can enjoy the game instead of just the Football experts? Or is the new tactics screen more realistic by having player roles, visual team instruction screen rather than a slider ? I think its a bit of both and the answer is hovering between these 2 questions. One thing I can add is that in the end its an AI system and it is very difficult to implement real life Football in terms of tactics. For example, sometimes just saying the right thing in team talk will change the whole match even if it doesn't seem very realistic. Sometimes just making the tempo one tic higher and you start controlling the match and win it. That small adjustment does not sound very realistic in terms of real Football tactics but in the match engine it might trigger the AI equation formula and make your team dominate. I personally think the game has become easier in recent years and I am winning more than before. I am not sure if it is from the actual game getting easier or me getting better at it. In the end we all want the game to keep improving specially in the match engine and tactics.
  6. The club philosophy that has been added in recent versions of the game are great but I feel that they need more emphasis and more additions. What I mean by emphasis is make it more difficult to remove certain philosophies during negotiating a contract. Right now it is very easy to just remove them all and not add more responsibility. It seems unless you as a manager prefer to play a certain philosophy you can have it without the club having a hard say on it. I would prefer some clubs stand firm on some philosophies to force the manager to adapt to different philosophies. Some types of philosophies that I would like to be added are : - having more players from same league nation in squad (some teams do that already in real football) - having the financial balance always in the positive (since you control spending) - add more types of football play philosophies I am sure there are more types that I can't think of this moment.
  7. Just a thought that crossed my mind is how much far away are we from seeing photo realistic graphics during the 3D match engine. With the very fast improvement in graphics in the game each year plus the fast growing technology I dont think it would be impossible to reach that level of realism. Not that it is what the game developers would want from the game itself nor many of the costumers who still love the 2D engine. Its just a matter of if the developers wanted to implement it correctly when would that be possible in scale of time. lets say in years? Would definitely be something interesting to see in the future managing a team in a match that looks very real.
  8. I have been thinking of new challenge story mode that can be implemented in the game. This can be easily added as a challenge but with much more details to it. Rather than just having a "try to survive relegation" or "injury crisis" it can have details such as "limit player signings to 4 per season, or even cant buy player over the age of 25. or a challenge with a specific team or league " There are so many scenarios that can be added here. This kind of scenario is also very realistic to real life football as many clubs do have these restrictions on managers. These scenarios can also be long term 4-5 seasons to achieve something challenging with these specific restrictions. Maybe even add a random challenge system in which restrictions are random in difficulty. Also to have a progress system in which you cannot play certain difficult scenarios until you complete the previous easier ones on the list. This will give us players (managers) a real comparison with our friend to which of us is the best manager in town. This will surely add to the social aspect of the game and the re-playing factor. The story mode is another addition its also a challenge but put in a real history scenario that happened in football. Example is the Mourinho situation with Chelsea and trying not to be sacked under real pressure from the board and player problems or the trying to replicate what Alex Ferguson achieved in the same time frame he has been at United. Also here so many scenarios can be added.
  9. I believe there are certain tactics that have performed really well in most Football Manager versions. Some formations and teams instructions also really do well in most versions. Here is the link to full article I got this theory from. I do believe it has some merit. http://footballmanagerzone.com/football-manager-tactics/
  10. The tiki taka needs a more fluid system. Also roaming movement is needed. Although this would require smart high technical players to perfect. There is a great video about how to implement the tiki taka here worth a watch. [video=youtube;tLHoyrCpLxE]
  11. I agree with Rashidi that you have imbalance in the mentality and duty of players. A suggestion would be to have your attacking midfielder on support to link the misfield with attack more. This will cause more attacking depth and choices for a pass will be closer and not too isolated. Also having so many players in midfield need to have forward runs to help in attack. Arriving late at the box will get you some goals here and there. There is a good video explaining all this here will help you with attacking movement and score more goals. [video=youtube;qKjIT0r9_Ks]
  12. I do change tactics depending at the payers I have but also have favourite tactics that I don't change from most of the times. For example I like the 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 but I would never at any circumstance play with 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 or 5-4-1. What I am pointing out is you should be flexible but play with something you like and believe in. Here is a video guide I like about playing wide and how to capitalize on crosses.
  13. It really depends on the team you have. If you have a tall strong striker floating crosses makes sense. While if you have a quick poacher striker drilled crosses are better. The same goes with cross from deep and byline. Having a good winger with dribbling skills make him go to the byline. I think this video will be helpful to understand the types of crosses and effectiveness. [video=youtube;Z6P89KlnzrM]
  14. There is a video guide on how to apply width and wingers to help in attack I have seen today. It is helpful using arrows and movement of players. [video=youtube;u5aOeo_xD30]
  15. I used to play a lot using the 4-2-3-1. Recently though I started with a balanced 442 and the results were amazing actually. First I scored more goals. Second The attacking options and play was much better. The trick is to find the balance in midfield to cover for the extra striker. I suggest having one midfielder on attack, then two on support and one on defend.
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