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  1. Yup reloaded loads and loads of times. Eventually got a top notch striker so was happy about that. THrust him straight into the first team! He'll be a Tottenham legend whether he likes it or not!
  2. I used the son generation once and it actually gave my son my dads name, which is Stephen. Being spelt with a PH is slightly unusual. Made me chuckle, sacked him off though as he was cack.
  3. I'm no FM don, but I managed to take Plymouth from League 2 to the Premier League in a few seasons. THe only year I didnt get promoted was my first, after that its been back to back promotions year on year. I dunno if its easy, or I'm just really good for once. It makes a change as I'm usually rubbish!
  4. I always always always go with someone that makes me smile. In FM 13 I had Ryan Giggs as my ass man at QPR. I liked the idea of bossing him around. I'm at Plymouth at the moment on FM 14 and got Frank Lampard Snr, he's retiring and Matthew Etherington, Anton Ferdinand and Gareth Barry are my leading contenders to take over purely for comedy purposes.
  5. Not sure if I'm being really dim. But for some reason in my second season I seem to be now managing my reserve team as well. Is there a way I can get my ass man to carry on doing this?
  6. I've had something similar with Celtic. 2 years in, I've won the double, then treble, made quarter finals of the champions league both years. My rep is continental and I only ever have a contract for a year at a time, yet I've not even been mentioned in a link to any jobs at all. I done a test where I resigned from Celtic and applied for any jobs and went on holiday, the only offer I got was from Bolton who were bottom of League 1, which seemed a bit odd.
  7. Luke Shaw Aaron Ramsey Ravel Morrison Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Daniel Agger And finally Christian Eriksen which is the weirdest. I'm a Spurs fan so tend to follow them closely even when not managing and try and pinch their good players. I was constantly being told Eriksen I'd need to bid silly amounts to get him. Which is fine. But I spotted him on a free, however his history never shows him playing for spurs. However when I went to their best 11 for the previous season and clicked on his name it took me to this "free" version of Eriksen.
  8. Yup 100% FM14. Without blowing my own trumpet as I'm no expert player, but I had a couple of insane Champions League runs in both seasons making the quarter finals wasa huge boost to the finances. Also I'd signed a striker last year for 900K, he had an amazing season, mainly due to injuries he had to play every game and banged in 49 goals, and Roma just signed him for 9 million. As I didnt really need anyone I stuffed all the cash into my wage budget! I will work out how to screen shot now and get some posted!
  9. And Daniel Agger, seems really unlikely all of these players would have been released. Well this is a bit of a downer.
  10. Actually just noticed Christian Eriksen is also on the free transfer list, but his history shows him never having played for Tottenham, which is weird.
  11. Now firstly let me say I'm a total FM fan boy and never thought the game had any bugs as could dismiss everything as "its a funny old game" and anything happens in football. However I'm in my third season as Celtic manager, coming to the end of the transfer window I check my scouts endless reports as I often do. Not really needing to sign anyone and I notice a whole bunch of freebies. Not just any freebies, I manage to pick myself up the following on free transfers - Luke Shaw Ravel Morrison Ross Barley Aaron Ramsey Will Hughes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Raheem Sterling Now dont get me wrong if I saw one of those players up for free I'd think it was odd but get on with it, but I've basically managed to pick myself up the cream of English talent for nothing. It just has taken the shine off my game a little as seem so ridiculous I could sign all of these players. Has anyone else noticed something similar, or am I the lucky one. Finally if anyone has any tips on how I managed a squad with about 500 midfielders then please let me know as thats my next challenge! lol!
  12. Just wondering say I'm some rubbish blue square pre team and sign Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney etc. Ie just amazing strikers, will that make the current/potential ability of all my players drop in my ass mans eyes. I'm guessing what I'm trying to ask are players within my team all judged against each other, or is it done on a position by position basis. I only ask as I'm at Celtic got average GK's, and just had a regen with 5 star potential. My team is good, just weak between the sticks, so just wondering is this guy 5 star good compared to my whole team, or is it just 5 star compared to my well average keepers!
  13. little tip before applying it save the game and you can keep going back till you get someone half decent. Saying that first time i done it I got a 5 star potential striker whose first name was the same, so little Dave Jnr was more than enough to make me smile! Shame he's about as fit as me in real life and gets injured at the drop of a hat! haha!
  14. Although of little relevance really. But FMC is honestly the only reason I would carry on buying the game. I've got a new little baby round the house and dont have time to devote to the full fat version which at times felt like a second job. People should be allowed to play how they want. If they want to cheat and win all the time then why not. we all enjoy things differently
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