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  1. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Suarez obviously enjoys having a little break over the winter I would expect a win, although Wigan away has been a tough place to get results in recent seasons for us. I hope Shelvey follows up his good performance from Sunday.
  2. Send Assistant!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, bad jokes and bad spelling
  3. FM10: Official Crystal Palace Thread

    Unfortunately your prayers werent heard, he has now taken over. Hopefully I can get promoted this season to give myself some funds. Also I noticed that the loans finish at the end of the season, so there may be some hope yet.
  4. FM10: Official Crystal Palace Thread

    Started a Palace save recently, still in the first season and i am challenging for the automatic promotion places . Ive brought in Fabio and Gibson from Man Utd, Tafer from Lyon, Javier Portillo, Barazite from arsenal, Malaury Martin from some french team, all on loan:D I sold a couple of players, the young lad Djhali (sp) and one other. Currently 7 games unbeaten, winning 6. The takeover stuff is getting annoying, constantly on and off for months now!
  5. Well I'm Crystal Palace, I spent about 3 quid...
  6. Should there be a Thug stat?

    Seems a bit of a random time to bring this up, would have been more appropriate to have raised this stuff at the time of the player commiting/not commiting an offence...
  7. in game music

    try Itunes, or WMP effectively does what you want, you'll just have to press pause once you;ve listened to it though:)
  8. Its taken me two years, two titles and an FA cup to become a favoured person at Liverpool. Something i've never got before. So i'm not sure how it is supposed to be worked out?
  9. FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    I think i'll have a look at mattock then. cheers lfc7
  10. FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    Thing is, kuyt has got over 20 goals in my first season, and looks set to match that this season... so its a tricky one. the youngsters aren't ready for full time 1st team action, and if torres or dzeko get injured long term i wont have a good backup. Any suggestions for a new left back then? I'm thinking about Mattock perhaps?
  11. FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    Time for an update: First season, won the league on goal diff from Chavski, also won the FA cup. Second season so far, 1st in the league with 8 games to go, 6 points ahead of spurs. Out of the Fa and league cups, still in the Champs league in the 1st knockout rd against Lyon, I have a 2-1 lead going into the 2nd leg in Lyon. Squad gk Reina/areola def Johnson/darby Carra/Agger/Otamendi/Luisao/kelly Insua/Dossena mid Gerrard/masch/SWP/deco/aquilani/spearing/benayoun/pepper/buchtmann/kremser/gourcuff att Torres/kuyt/dzeko/muniain/nemeth players out cavalieri,babel,aurelio,skrtel,kyriagos,lucas,riera,voronin,ngog(loan) formation is 4-1-3-2 or 4-1-1-3-1 Planning on selling SWP as i dont use him anymore. my formations dont use wingers unless im desperate lol. Carra is getting on a bit now, so playing him less. my youngsters are coming on quite well, although i dont really have anyone amazing in my youth team atm, so that needs looking at. I will have to replace players like kuyt, benayoun, gerrard soon due to age. although they are all performing well still... not sure when to chuck them tbh any thoughts...
  12. The key attributes needed for a certain role are highlighted when you select a player
  13. player meeting?

    Nope, it's still there, quite often your assman will recommend a player to call a team meeting in the backroom advice screen if your playing rubbish.
  14. What nonsense!

    Hmm, I don't have this problem thankfully... maybe it's your tactics
  15. Opening a can of worms - new patch

    Surely this thread should be closed...