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  1. Name: Nick Adam Date of Birth: 1.1.1976 Nationality: Australian/Italian Tactical Atts: Tactical Knowledge, Determination, Attacking Non-Tact Atts: Man Management, Working with Youngsters, Motivating Tendencies: Signs Young Players for First Team, Young Players in cup matches Preferred formation: 4-2-3-1 Former Clubs: Melbourne Heart, Chelsea, Seongnam
  2. I don't think you should bother coming to Melbourne, you're just gonna go back home embarrassed
  3. My player seems to score a lot of goals for a defender, are they all from penalties?
  4. Name Of Player:Nick Adam Training Focus: Composure Training Intensity (Light, Average, Heavy):Average New Position: N/A Can you please tailor a training schedule for me as I don't really have much of an idea about that stuff
  5. Scored the first ever goal in this game, gotta be happy with that
  6. With the staff attributes, did you change the CA/PA at all? If not that's probably why they changed back
  7. Hopefully that means Australia's improving rather than my guy is just dropping off.
  8. If you have the time, I would love to see monthly updates but if not half season or end of season would be just as good
  9. Name: Nick Adam Position: DC Height: 209 Weight: 65 Preffered Foot: Right Two Preffered Moves: Marks Opponents Tightly, Gets Forward Whenever Possible Mental Attributes - Includes Dirtiness & Important Matches Two Mental Attr. At 15: Positioning, Concentration Three Mental Attr. At 12: Decisions, Composure, Work Rate Two Mental Attr. At 5: Flair, Influence Two phyiscal Attr. At 15: Strength, Jumping One physical Attr. At 12: Pace One Physical Attr. At 10: Stamina Technical Attributes - Includes Versatility Two Technical Attr. At 15: Marking, Tackling Two Technical Attr. At 12: Heading, Passing Two Technical Attr. At 5: Long Throws, Crossing
  10. What a woeful season, hopefully I can pick up and reach 100 international goals soon
  11. Great to see this starting, the Aussie Southampton duo will tear this apart I'm predicting
  12. I am still following the thread, I'm just not an extremely keen poster.
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