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  1. Thanks magic mastermind. Maybe not the answer I was looking for but a great explanation none the less. disappointing a solution can’t be found but can’t have everything I suppose.
  2. Hey, Lots of talk about a 3rd UEFA club competition being approved for 2021/22 and lots of discussion about the potential format of this competition... My thoughts are this will simply be another parachute competition with every club eliminated from the Europa League Qualifying rounds entering this new competition... This would include the likes of Burnley, Braga, Basel, Feyenoord, Atalanta, Sparta Prague, Steaua Bucharest if played this year. There would be 156 clubs involved if this year is anything to go by so it will need a prelim round where teams eliminated at Q1 & Q2 stage would play to reduce it to 128 clubs for a 1st round starting on same week as the CL & EL group match 1... From there a straight knock out tournament will ensue until a winner is crowned in late May with the winner possibly afforded a bye to the CL Play-off round OR EL group stage berth as an incentive... My question is how can I create this model using the EDITOR tool? Cheers
  3. Nice one. Now how about a little help with my fixture clash problem thread on this board krlenjushka?
  4. I am playing a game using an edited database to alter the structure of the European club competitions... When editing a tried to keep the dates of each round in the same dates as the originals of season 1... The first season everything is fine...however, further into the game the European club calendar starts to clash to varying degrees with the international calendar... It got to the ridiculous situation where 16 of my senior squad were away on duty whilst the remaining players were scheduled to play a Europa League tie...which I ultimately lost... In my edited file Europa League ties, for example, are scheduled for Tuesdays, however, I have noticed that some ties are moved by the AI to another day, yet something as drastic as this the AI doesn't kick in and reschedule to avoid the clash... Is there something I can adjust in my editor file (or the game) to rectify this conflict? Thanks
  5. £1B was gross spend was actually £1.09B by end of 17th window...65 players signed...(lots of youth prospects to loan out and sell on) Recouped £215m in sales. Record sale was £35m for a regen CB I bought 2 seasons previous for £2.5m... Overall my game is probably not considered a success as in 8 full seasons Ive only won league twice and one CL (15 titles in total)...
  6. Cheers Chris. 6 seasons to get Montrose to prem?? Wow. Well done. been a slower journey for me. Every penny a prisoner. Not spent a penny in transfer fees in 7 seasons. All frees & loans. Try to keep a trim senior squad of 23-25 players. Always arrange 2 friendlies vs larger rep teams during international breaks. Unfortunately I’ve been unlucky with cup draws and not really had too many money spinning ties to help. part of problem is I have a 10,000 all seater stadium with an average attendance of 400 in L2 now 1,000 in championship. parent club is Hearts who give me some decent players but only £20k annual fee. my only hope is I somehow sneak into playoffs and have a good run for promotion to prem. Board will have to full-time surely but will then probably sack me!
  7. Started 9th season of a Man U game and noticed I’ve spent £1b on players in that time. Working out about £60m per window. Highest fee was Icardi £110m. Questions: what’s highest fee you’ve seen or been involved in? have you spent £1b quicker than S9? (No editors)
  8. Have a Clyde FC game running. Started in L2 and was a full-time club. promoted to L1 after 3 seasons and board reduced status to part-time at end of S1. another 3 seasons in L1 before promotion to championship. Still board refuse to return to full-time status. Saying “they don’t trust me!” managed to finish 5th of 10 in first season in championship as one of 2 part-time clubs in division but punching above weight with this disadvantage. Don’t want to give board an ultimatum as they’ll probably sack me despite measured success. Club only about £150k in debt with a carefully managed weekly wage budget of £10k. Any advice how I can convince board to go full time again to give me a chance to take club forward?
  9. 20s across the boards helps, obviously... I think you also have to put his potential ability to -200 (verify please) or similar... Also, making his personality traits all strong, particularly mentally... All these things can contribute to building a wonderkid...not guarantee...this is a game that tries to recreate 'real-life' therefore will all the will in the world an amazing prospect 'on paper' may turn out to be a wrong-un...or suffer an early injury that may ruin him...
  10. a one day holiday, good idea, worth a try! cheers any other suggestions if this doesn't work?
  11. have experienced similar things to this, like players complaining about lack of playing time whilst they are out for 8 months with a broken leg or when the season hasn't even started yet!
  12. Originally posted this in the BUGS forum as I thought that might be the issue... No response - so re-posting in hope getting some insight from the wider general FM population - thanks... I have a CLYDE FC game going, started in L2 now in Championship in Scotland...my game only has Scottish leagues running and on a limited database due to old laptop operating system and spec... I was also recently appointed Wales manager... I manage all the Welsh national teams... I am often asked to select a squad for u19s & u21s, however, due to the depth of the database, most of the players in my youth squads are regens and yet thankfully the game has allowed me to confirm a squad with less players than the minimum requirement... PROBLEM - Recently, one of my youth players was injured in between games and I was asked to select a replacement, however, there are no more available eligible players in my National Pool nor on a player search to make this change... The game will now not allow me to continue until a replacement has been made...ive even tried to step down as youth manager in the hope that my assistant (and the game intelligence) will take care of this, but to no avail. Any ideas how I can continue my game?
  13. just to let you know that changing the start date on the editor file and selecting a season start date after that date has made the editor file work! thanks
  14. ahhhh...genius! i think you're on to something there... my db competition start date is July 1st... because of low coefficient Scottish teams start euro cup at end of June...that could be the conflict... i'll change my db start date to mid-June and see if that works... thanks a lot!!
  15. cheers KUBI... ive tried your advice about adding another league and making it view only... unfortunately it still does not work... only works if i tag another active league along with scottish and work off a 'start date' from the other league... i tried renaming file and making minor additional changes to db to see if it makes difference...no joy! seems i have found a bug...
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