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  1. Editor file not working

    just to let you know that changing the start date on the editor file and selecting a season start date after that date has made the editor file work! thanks
  2. Editor file not working

    ahhhh...genius! i think you're on to something there... my db competition start date is July 1st... because of low coefficient Scottish teams start euro cup at end of June...that could be the conflict... i'll change my db start date to mid-June and see if that works... thanks a lot!!
  3. Editor file not working

    cheers KUBI... ive tried your advice about adding another league and making it view only... unfortunately it still does not work... only works if i tag another active league along with scottish and work off a 'start date' from the other league... i tried renaming file and making minor additional changes to db to see if it makes difference...no joy! seems i have found a bug...
  4. Editor file not working

    thanks KUBI... out of interest, any ideas about why this happened in the first place?
  5. Editor file not working

    I've created an editor file in which I've modified the continental competition formats... i successfully ran the editor file in a game for a number of seasons in the English league (classed as a 'neighbouring nation')... however, when i went to run the same editor file in a new game within my 'selected nation'/ default league (Scotland) the file did not take and the standard formats without changes were present instead... i tried to run the same editor file in different leagues (Spain, France etc) and it worked fine... for some reason it is not applying to Scotland, it does work when i run Scotland and another nation league together, which is strange, but i would prefer to run my game with the minimum amount of leagues for computer performance reasons... any advice how this issue can be resolved and my editor file can be used in my home nation?
  6. (More) Expert Help Required

    Hey there. Just getting around to testing the file you amended for me. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have made any difference to the CWC problem with runners-up replacing double winners. In fact, some cup winners are not in it either now. I think I'll just have to accept this is unresolved for now... thanks anyway for your input.
  7. (More) Expert Help Required

    hi... it wont let me attach the saved game file...apparently its too big! ive attached the editor data though... basically there was no super cup in 2021...i think its because one of the qualifying teams won EC and super cup in same season, therefore there wasnt 4 different teams...the computer wasnt able to select an alternative team to make up the required 4 teams for the comp so it bypassed it... not had a chance to try the changes you made yet...but thanks again... rb1c_8D46FD61-BBE8-432F-9D18-289F7B03D442.fmf
  8. (More) Expert Help Required

    thanks again my friend...much appreciated.... i'll have a browse on your latest updates on the file to see if it fixes the problems... theres not many really big problems left to resolve... although in season 5, with my new super cup format (with 4 teams) eventually one club won more than one cup and the system simply bypassed the entire competition the following year (no super cup)...i had to laugh...i dont know if theres a solution to that... its good to know theres creative minds out there offering up solutions to problems... R
  9. (More) Expert Help Required

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this and for your advice... 1. Ok, thats a pity...hopefully something that can be corrected in the near future...I'll just have to put that idea on the back burner for now... 2. I ran the teams list you amended but unfortunately it did not accurately allocate teams to the correct competition...(eg. Arsenal into EC, Leicester into CWC, West Ham into EL in season 1)... It didnt affect the runner-up issue either...ive reverted back to my teams list where I capture all leagues individually and request winners and teams...not 100% accurate thou...i'll just need to live with that until a better solution in found... 3. new fixture dates set for UC as you suggested...working perfectly now... 4. Super cup now set-up using your advice...I've now expanded Super cup to have 4 teams...EC, CWC, EL and super cup champ included... Thanks again for your help...I know where to come next time I need advice... R
  10. Been working on an edit to revive former Euro club comp formats...previous assistance to get me started was appreciated... I'm starting to get the hang of the programme but need some more pointers... My structure and calendar run fairly smoothly but I've hit some snags when trying to make it a bit more bespoke and elaborate...I need more FM Editor Guru assistance... 1. European Cup: 54 champs only. However, I now want to allow the winner of EC, CWC and UC to have entry to the following year's EC (if they don't already qualify by winning own league)...possible 57 teams. When I try to apply this through the 'teams' section at 'winner of other competition' it does not successfully apply... 2. Cup Winner Cup: How can I successfully apply to the qualifying process a country's entrant that was runner-up in domestic cup if winner did the double and is therefore in EC? Currently if a team does the double the nations entrant to CWC is the next best league team... 3. UEFA/Europa Cup: How do I balance off the fixtures in the group stage a bit better? Currently, I requested they start in November and end in March but the programme squeezes 5 of the group games into Nov & Dec with last group game on designated end date in March... 4. Finally, How do I include a Super Cup to have the holders of EC & CWC play at a designated date? Currently, my attempt to do this through 'winners of other competition' does not successfully apply and matches two random teams on the allocated date... I've attached my edit file, feel free to browse if necessary...any assistance is gratefully received...straight forward to the expert I'm sure, frustrating to the novice! Ross rb1b_5AD59613-D5EB-4B1B-BCFF-6199B8590C24.fmf
  11. Expert help required

    Thanks. That has worked well now...I've resurrected the cup winner cup to run alongside it. How wud I introduce a rule that makes winner of that qualify for following year CL? also not all teams in CWC are cup champs, how do I allow a runner-up to replace a 'double winner'? thanks
  12. Expert help required

    Thanks...u got any links?
  13. Expert help required

    First venture into the pre-game editor. Reorganised Champions Cup to attempt to restore 'national champions only' format. Nations to supply competition selected. Teams from each nation selected as 'last winner' of respective top league...as well as last winner of CL & EL to make a 56 team competition. Stages created to have a preliminary round to reduce number of teams to 32 for first round. My arithmetic says I need to have 48 teams (24 matches) in my preliminary round to get 24 teams to add to the other 8 (byes) to make the last 32. A rules test has validated my competition, however, when I go to run the competition the game somehow selects 2 teams from 24 nations instead of 1 each from 48 at preliminary round (except for 3 Spanish & Vaduz), then a further 8 from 4 nations in first round (L32)... Perhaps a bit of a long winded explanation, hopefully, pics explain. Any pointers where I'm going wrong would be much appreciated.
  14. Your ideal squad size?

    Ideally I roll with 23 players...2 for each position plus a 3rd gk... I very rarely promote a player to senior squad if they are still eligible to play in my youths...and make every reserve and youth player available for loan...saves money & provides them experience without me taking the risk... I never sell a reserve or youth player and give everyone a chance to compete for a place in senior squad once they are old enough...if they don't make the grade only then do I try to move them on... Any senior (over 21) players out with 23 are placed on transfer list, if I cant sell I try to loan out, if still cant shift them I make them available for reserves to keep them active... Any bid i receive for a player I've not listed I will only accept if its at least 3x their value...if player has requested transfer I'll accept 2x...if I've listed them I'll accept face value to get rid... Maybe a bit of a rigid system but its worked reasonably well for me so far...