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  1. Thank for this, it has really worked well for my TNS side. My squad is at about a Conference level and we just outplayed Cardiff in the league (modded Wales database) but lost and destroyed Wrexham who have a better squad than us! I have a few questions though: What would you recommend as the pitch size? I have a narrow width and standard length pitch for exploitation of long throws and its working out well, but it does get a bit crowded. And have you ever converted a winger into a full back for this tactic and did it work?
  2. Cheers, I dont have the game yet so I wont have the editor! But in that case are Everton and Villa in the same world league?? If so which one?? Thanks again.
  3. Hi, was just wondering if I could have some screenies of the leagues, and which teams are in which tier (european only). I dont currently have the game and I am getting for xmas (I hope). Any suggestions for 2 similar teams that arent right near the top, like Villa and Everton so me and my mate can do a 2 player career. Also, which teams are in the top tier of England? Oh and I really enjoyed your FM10 version Thanks for putting all this effort! Cheers
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