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  1. Playing as Leicester City, I won the Community Shield on penalties having drew 1-1 after 90 minutes. The normal "Leicester win Community Shield" newspaper article didn't pop up and in my news feed it says that I drew the Community Shield. When I click on the game from the fixtures screen it says that the final score was 7-7 and that we drew 1-1 on penalties. In addition to this, the win is not recorded in my Trophy Cabinet. Screenshots attached.
  2. Is there a list anywhere of the most important attributes for each position/role (i.e. for a CB, tackling, positioning & heading)?
  3. Where can I find this feature in FM14?
  4. FM13 Starting Transfer and Wage Budgets

    Am I missing something here? How on Earth could a club like Everton operate on a wage budget of £36k per week?
  5. I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the scout reports on FMH2011 for the iPhone. I scout every player twice yet whenever I sign a player the coach report is always much worse than the scout reports. For example, I scout a player twice and he has 4 stars for current ability and 4 stars for potential ability yet when I sign him his coach report has 2 stars for current ability and 3 stars for potential ability. Am I doing something wrong or is this just messed up?
  6. On the full version of they game you can select a position in the tactics screen and it will tell you what the key attributes are for that position - is there anything similar for the handheld version?
  7. FM12: Loan Player Reports?

    44 views and not a single response? Bump.
  8. On FM11 you could instruct your Assistant Manager to compile a list of available loan players for each position - any idea how to do this on FM12?
  9. On the demo the left hand side of the screen is out of view. I'm guessing that this is something to do with my screen resolution settings but nothing that I change seems to make it any better - what resolution should I be running?
  10. Scouting question

    Scouting individual players asking for "report only". For example, if I send both scouts off to scout 20 players then Scout A returns the reports 4 at a time whereas Scout B returns the reports 3 at a time, thus taking a third longer! The leagues that the players are in has no bearing on this whatsoever nor does whether or not they have played a match.
  11. Scouting question

    The more that I look at this the less sense it makes. Comparing the following two scouts: Scout A National reputation Adaptability 8 Determination 6 Judging Player Ability 14 Judging Player Ability 13 Level of Discipline 14 Motivating 6 Physiotherapy 2 Tactical Knowledge 7 Scout B National reputation Adaptability 17 Determination 14 Judging Player Ability 16 Judging Player Ability 16 Level of Discipline 15 Motivating 10 Physiotherapy 2 Tactical Knowledge 7 Scout B is clearly better than Scout A but only returns 3 reports at a time compared to Scout A's 4!!!
  12. Scouting question

    I hate to be the guy who bumps his own thread but I've paused my game whislt waiting for a response - any help would be massively appreciated!
  13. Scouting question

    I have just restaffed my scouting network with scouts which as far as I can tell have similar attributes (i.e. JPA & JPP ~ 14 with National reputations). When I use them to scout say 20 players each they all return the scout reports 4 at a time - except for one of my scouts who only seems to be able to return the reports at a rate of 3 at a time. Is there any way of telling how frequently the scouts will return reports before you sign them?
  14. January Transfers and the 11.3 Database

    That's not what I meant at all. The deal to transfer Torres wasn't in place in August, therefore it would be up to you as the manager whether you wished to sell him or not.
  15. January Transfers and the 11.3 Database

    I'd really like to see a way that you could have all of the fixes from the 11.3 patch but still start with all players at their original clubs - it just feels the way that it should be (i.e. the conditions that the club was in at the start of the season). I'd actually like this to go a stage further so that you could start the game at the end of May 2010 with none of the Summer transfers either.