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  1. This has happened to me twice now. The European Super Cup clashes with a Premier League fixture so it gets rescheduled (I believe that irl the Premier League fixture would get moved). The problem is that it is being rescheduled for an international break (I'm guessing that it is only checking for a fixture clash with my club team) when almost all of my players are away on international duty (I literally only had one first-team squad player available the last time that this happened). I'm pretty good but I can't win this cup with a bunch of greyed out players!
  2. Playing as Leicester City, I won the Community Shield on penalties having drew 1-1 after 90 minutes. The normal "Leicester win Community Shield" newspaper article didn't pop up and in my news feed it says that I drew the Community Shield. When I click on the game from the fixtures screen it says that the final score was 7-7 and that we drew 1-1 on penalties. In addition to this, the win is not recorded in my Trophy Cabinet. Screenshots attached.
  3. Is there a list anywhere of the most important attributes for each position/role (i.e. for a CB, tackling, positioning & heading)?
  4. Am I missing something here? How on Earth could a club like Everton operate on a wage budget of £36k per week?
  5. I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the scout reports on FMH2011 for the iPhone. I scout every player twice yet whenever I sign a player the coach report is always much worse than the scout reports. For example, I scout a player twice and he has 4 stars for current ability and 4 stars for potential ability yet when I sign him his coach report has 2 stars for current ability and 3 stars for potential ability. Am I doing something wrong or is this just messed up?
  6. On the full version of they game you can select a position in the tactics screen and it will tell you what the key attributes are for that position - is there anything similar for the handheld version?
  7. I do this constantly with players - thinking that players who are excellent for me on FM are actually excellent for my team (Leicester City) in real ilfe. This leads to me often looking very stupid when declaring how excellent some of the rubbish players are and how they desreve a good run in the team!!!
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