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  1. I took on a 4th division Swedish save in 19, and am loving it. Sweden has pretty short season, only one cup. The $$$ is low, but it's been fun.
  2. Do think it's a hardware issue with my graphics card. Can close this. Thanks guys.
  3. Seems to be an NVIDIA issue. I turned it off for FM, and set it to my Integrated Graphics card instead. Hopefully NVIDIA releases a new update to fix this.
  4. Haven't played since early April. When I played today, there were no problems at first, but towards the end of my first game, the crowd looked all weird, like it was flashing all over. Now, even on menus, it is looking weird (lines and blurring). I have an NVIDIA GeForce 840M card, and it's up to date. I also tried rolling back to most recent driver (from Dec) in place of the recent update (May 19th), and that did nothing. Trying to add pictures now, but seems I can't post attachments.
  5. Have we heard any word on a new version? I probably have missed something, but is there expected to be an EHM reboot 2? Any mention of when?
  6. This. I'm a very visual guy, and things looking different really throw me off. For that reason, I continued my FM11 game right through last winter. I bought 12-15, but barely played any of them. This year, I just jumped right in, and got used to it quickly. The core game is really similar, but the look will take some getting used to.
  7. You could go for a team of only "free transfers" and see how you do. Would certainly be difficult, but might add some fun.
  8. I was under the impression it was only to players based in other countries 6 months in advance.
  9. Having a ton of fun so far. Playing as Boston United, so started in VNN. Lost on PK in playoff SF the first year after two 0-0 draws. Won VNN in year 2. Got promoted through the playoffs in year 3 from VNL. Now, I'm just outside the playoff spots in L2 in my fourth season, about halfway through.
  10. Had this happen as well in the first off-season.
  11. I played a Vancouver Whitecaps save in FM12. It was really enjoyable. The game, back then, undervalued draft picks, and you could acquire them pretty easily. That said, there was rarely anything of value in the draft pool unless you picked 1st or so. Hopefully that's changed. As a fan of major NA sports, I like the draft idea and the way MLS is run, and might do another on this year's game.
  12. IRL you can recall players outside of loan/transfer windows.
  13. Pretty hard to forget about what you think when you insinuate that '13 and '14 were unplayable. Would be good to know why to be able to address those concerns with affirmation that it's improved, or state that it still hasn't.
  14. I think it was 2011 that we had to start using steam. That was my first experience with FM (have bought the past 4 now 11-14) and d/l steam with 2011 (never played PC games really before FM11).
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