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  1. You could try going into Control Panel/Troubleshooting/Programs (run programs made for previous versions of Windows) This might help, if it's the problem.
  2. Each player (and coach, GM) has their own personality - e.g. sensitive to criticism (player plays less well) or impervious to criticism, some players play better with home fan support while others don't care, some players play worse (or perhaps better) if away fans get on his back every time he touches the puck, some players are more family-oriented so they'll accept less money for a contract so they stay in the same city rather than disrupt their kids' lives by moving to another city etc.
  3. Delay of game penalty if home fans throw too many objects on the ice or are too rowdy.
  4. Statistics that I can manipulate the way I want i.e. access to the stats Database so I can search it.
  5. Press conferences can be a good addition but it's complex to add them so they don't become boring. Too often the logic seems to go ask question A, if get response B then change C happens. But to be more of a real-life press conference, then question A should have perhaps 10 possible responses and each response could be combined with many other factors which may or may not cause a change in the behaviour of the coach and/or players and/or fans. Change could be immediate, long-term, intermediate-term and at times subtle. In other words it will take a lot of logic and programming to create a non-boring press conference.
  6. This is a minor point but the term 'transfer listed' is not used in the NHL. It's more of a football/soccer term. 'Available for trade' might be more appropriate, if that is what is meant.
  7. While watching a game being played, full screen, Highlights = All, sometimes when the game stops at face-offs, it seems to freeze for 30 -> 60 seconds, but then the game resumes. The background sound/music is still on (playing) during this temporary freezing of action. It happens once or twice or 3 times a period.
  8. I have preferences Attributes Hidden. On the roster screen the attributes are hidden. Everything ok. But when I go into the Practice screen the attributes are shown. They are not hidden.
  9. I have a player/coach in FM15. When I look at his attributes I see his player attributes. Where can I find his coaching attributes? Thanks.
  10. I bought the game on Steam. Do I contact Steam, or SI or somebody else? Thank you.
  11. I installed FM15 in Steam. I get out of Steam. I later go back into Steam. Steam then has 'Install' where 'Play' should be. So I install FM15 again. I then get the 'Play' button. I get out of Steam. I later go into Steam/FM15. Again 'Install' is shown instead of 'Play'. I install FM15 again. I then get the 'Play' button. I get out of Steam. Later I go into Steam again. Again I get the 'Install' button instead of 'Play'. Does anyone know why I keep getting 'Install' instead of 'Play'? How do I fix it so I get 'Play' all the time after I've installed FM15. Thank you.
  12. I'm not sure if this is the forum to ask this question, but what is the best FM14 DB to simulate the NASL? Thanks.
  13. Hi. Sorry for my lack of knowledge about this, but where do I save the downloaded file? Thank you.
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