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  1. Nation:South America, Mexico, and Asia (I have Japan's league loaded too) Division:First Continental Competition:N/A Media Prediction:midtable or higher Board Expectation(s):midtable or higher Transfer Budget:n/a Wage Budget:n/a Finances: doesnt matter Other:I just want a fun save that's outside of Europe. Also, i want a club with good youth facilities.
  2. Yup, but he is still a fun player to managed. I always end up buying him in my saves. Cabella from Montpellier is another favorite of mine.
  3. Bastia (Thauvin ), Toulouse, Sochaux, and Nice are pretty fun saves. If you're playing with a new custom database then you can try out Nantes.
  4. I say Fiorentina (maybe there a little too high). Real Sociedad or Athletic Bilbao in Spain Rennes or AS Saint-Étienne in France
  5. Nation:Brazil, Argentina, Chile, or Mexico Division:First division Continental Competition:yup Media Prediction:1st-5th Board Expectation(s):title challenge Transfer Budget:doesn't matter Wage Budget:doesn't matter Finances:secure or Okay Other: This will be the first time I try out a club in the Americas. I just want a squad with a solid foundation and a couple of stars.
  6. Was anyone ever this successful at developing Wootton? He was developed by the AI...
  7. If you want a german player then Volland is your man. If you want someone else then you can grab Fierro, Destro, Aspas, Caprari, or Jovetic. Reus seems to do the job too, but I will invest in getting Schürrle instead of Holtby (Schalke).
  8. My biggest gripe is amount of injuries i get in this game. It's to the point, where I can only play my old arsenal save from earlier patches. In my Sevilla save, i have 6 injuries already and i'm in October 2012... So i thought it was just Sevilla. So I went an started a new save with Leverkusen then the same thing happened to me. I just find this problem extremely annoying and ruins the gaming experience for me.
  9. I decided to make a Sevilla save. I sold Manu Del Moral to Atletico for 4.5 mil and I loaned out Maduro to Porto and Alberto to Alaves. I brought Matheus for 925k, Romero for 7 mil, Iker Hernandez for 5 mil, and Mikel San Jose for 4.5 mil. Here is my tactic! I kinda feel weak in defense especially at right back, but i do make it up by scoring a lot of goals. 17 goals so far in 5 games. DAT NEGREDO!!! Also is it me or are you guys getting a lot injuries after the recent patch?
  10. Nation:Anywhere outside of England, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Portugal, Russia, and Spain. Division:1st European Competition: Doesn't matter Media Prediction:5-10 Transfer Budget: Doesn't Matter Wage Budget: Doesn't Matter Finances:rich would be nice, but it really doesn't matter Other:I want to use a 3-5-2. So any teams who can fit that formation nicely would be a huge plus.
  11. Nation:Italy or Germany Division:Serie A or B, Bundesliga Other:I want to use a variation of a 3-5-2 and want to have a fairly ok squad to fit this formation. Also, No Bayern, BVB, and Rubentus.
  12. Yup I have the best defensive record in the EPL. I'm using Cleon's 3-5-2 setup, but I tweaked it a bit.
  13. One of the best squads I ever managed in my FM career.
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