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  1. No sliders on the tactical part of the game is obviously best, for reasons already explained. However, you'd need to convince me more to get rid of the stats 1-20 for players, though. Saying someone is 'good' or just 'below average' doesn't give enough detail about the player ad his style. You can probably only ever decide how good a player is by watching them, which is beyond any sort of match engine ability right now. Until that happens, stats should stay.
  2. Has anyone got a save they'd like to upload where their new chairman became a sugar daddy mid game? Thanks for uploading in advance.
  3. It's sort of cute really, but SRL88 is happy to hand it out, but whinges like a proper girl when it's the other way round
  4. Just a trick to expose you of your lies. I was never on ignore; you love me. Look at that, everyone. SRL88 is a liar to us all and his sexuality.
  5. You'll also need the results comparison for this year. And some pictures of full kit *******
  6. Dan wasn't that bad. Certainly don't think he should be ignored.
  7. Liverpool FC 2013/2014 - We're going to win the league! (womens)
  8. Attacking players will always have a lower pass success rate due to risking possession to create goals.
  9. That last post by Dan just made anything else he posted about regarding Alberto completely bizarre. It's just brilliant, in a way. edit: Thank you for insipidus for actually understanding what went on. You summed up the events pretty well, and this forum in general.
  10. Did you or didn't you? You called me a buffoon for simply questioning a player who is a reserve and we're planning on spending upwards of 8m euro on. You then went on to get even more pissy when I later went on to state that the segunda isn't up to much to judge a player completely, so lets not call Alberto a world beater just yet. Then, with some ultra defensive tactic about segunda, you compared Mkhitaryan and Aspas (why) claiming the leagues are pretty similar; disregarding that Mkhitaryan has played in a Champions league team which defeated Chelsea and qualified from the group. To be honest, mate, I don't think I'm going to take your opinion on a player as gospel for some reason. And yes, I will mock you for claiming to be the know it all of segunda.
  11. Don't lie.You got all pissy when I called Alberto a reserve; which he is.
  12. Which makes you wonder why they even loaned him in the first place.
  13. I don't care where he watches it as it has no relevance. He's the one having a go at anyone questioning Liverpool signing a Sevilla reserve (he is) for 8 million euros; when Barcelona refused to take up the first refusal clause with him. He could be good, he could be ****.
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