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  1. I haven´t changed the striker´s role but i decreased is creative freedom and it´s working like a charm
  2. Finally a tactic that works and produces great football. Greetings tuga:cool:
  3. m8, just read the op
  4. GK -Defend-De Gea DR and DL -Wingback (Automatic) - Patrice Evra DCL Cover - Ferdinand DCR Stoper - Vidic MCL Deeplying Midfielder Suport - Scholes MCR Ballwinnig Midfielder Defend - Fletcher AMR and AML Defensive Winger Support - Valencia AMC - Advanced Playmaker Attack - Rooney FC - Advanced Forward Atack - Chicarito like GK DL Dc DC DR MC MC AML AMC AMR CF
  5. If u look at his post u´ll see it´s a 4231
  6. @ knap could u change the 41113 to a 4231 or a 41131?
  7. FMTN Grid Tactic

    he can sell players and raise his transfer budget. Also there´s always the option to buy them in monthly installments.
  8. this is very confusing. could u please tell me where is this tactic at?
  9. FMTN Grid Tactic

    just drag the wide strikers to the AML/R spots and that´s it.
  10. FMTN Grid Tactic

    Absolute brilliant tactic, but 4 me it works even better with the wide strikers in AMR/L spots.
  11. FMTN Grid Tactic

    Nice to see u posted it in here Brilliant tactic
  12. so an inside forward by default with man marking will always mark the fullback (wich is the closest to him) or will he mark anyone who is close to him in the pitch ina specific moment?
  13. I am using a 433/451 and i want that my inside forwards to specific mark the opposition fullbacks. My problem is that these settings change sometimes. It doesn´t happen just when the other team changes their formation. My question is. Does anyone know (in the ME) what is the difference between doing this (specific mark the opposition fullback) and set them to man mark? Thanks in advance for your help