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  1. I haven´t changed the striker´s role but i decreased is creative freedom and it´s working like a charm
  2. Finally a tactic that works and produces great football. Greetings tuga:cool:
  3. @ knap could u change the 41113 to a 4231 or a 41131?
  4. he can sell players and raise his transfer budget. Also there´s always the option to buy them in monthly installments.
  5. this is very confusing. could u please tell me where is this tactic at?
  6. just drag the wide strikers to the AML/R spots and that´s it.
  7. Absolute brilliant tactic, but 4 me it works even better with the wide strikers in AMR/L spots.
  8. Nice to see u posted it in here Brilliant tactic
  9. 5 UCL 2 super cups 6 leagues 5 league cups 6 cups 4 club world cups that´s my achievement with this tactic in 6 seasons
  10. u can´t do that, The only way to go is to edit a tactic that has that corner setting to what u want.
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