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  1. Hi Declan, really appreciate your efforts on this. Heard about the update from a mate and saw that the reserves thing is in the changelist which is good to see! Regarding the errors, I found the thread I posted on last year’s version which covered similar topics. I will load up and get screen grabs of the varying tactics too, but I feel fairly confident that the formations/shape/approach varies enough to discount my playing style as the cause
  2. Thanks for the reply Declan. I also noticed that my team seems to run waaaaay further than AI. I’ll take a few screen shots and post. These are minor nitpicks but I know the team strive for the best game possible. One thing I’ve noticed recently, and I don’t know whether it’s unique to CaC mode or just come in with the update, but I’m now being expected to manage the Reserve team too and i’m struggling to find an opt-out option. I feel like I’ve had a good look but can’t find it under staff responsibilities etc? Has this been reported by anyone else?
  3. Hi folks, i posted something similar for FMT 18 (i’m a fan of CaC...) as importing club badges for create a club mode on iPad always throws up solid black or white backgrounds no matter the file type (png jpeg etc) which is a slight bother a bigger annoyance this year is that despite changing club colours for kits/emblems etc the home screen retains the colours of the original club even though the badge/kits/commentary bar change according to the created colours I’m still trying to gather enough info to post all the evidence, but like on FMT18 my players at the created club seem to commit a disproportionate number of errors across all saves, with practically whole squad featuring in top 50players for Mistakes and in Mistakes leading to goals, despite using different tactics/formations/approaches.
  4. While playing today, something I noticed spurred me to check across my over most-played saves (all also create-a-club... I know, I have a problem) and a recurring theme is 'Mistakes'. They come across a variety of positions in different standards if league in 4 countries. I don't believe it can only be to do with my style of tactics as each club has a different formation and style. Why do my players make substantially more poor decisions? !
  5. I had to add the final screenshot seperately, but an away match against a team higher in the league and predicted to win the division, the pre match odds are stacked against me but the media, board, fans and players are disappointed with the result afterwards... It's not a big, big deal, but just an irritation that affects my playing experience. I appreciate that this is only one example and that perhaps more evidence would be needed, which I can try and gather if needed.
  6. Hi folks, big big fan of the game overall but before I he upcoming update I was wondering if you would be able to do some research on a couple of things. I play on iOS on an iPad Air 2 but had similar problems with FMT17 too In create-a-club mode, when trying to add a club logo, whichever file format the image is, the background comes out solid white or black rather than usual PNG style. More irritatingly with the mode is how widely the media league prediction/pre match odds/post match reports interact which causes problems with the board, fans and players having very mixed ambitions and the expectations. This has happened across various save games but quite often with this one
  7. hey man, was just wondering, i like to play german leagues quite a lot, and you're done a mammoth job already, so thought i might try adapt yours, do you have a source you get all the most uptodate stuff from or just plough through wikipedia or somethin? also have you found any shortcuts or is it a matter of finding every player and changing contract etc? and how do you allow for abilities both ca and pa of people you created an people that arent up to date from 2007? finally, did you find any sneaky way through the coding to add an extra year on everyones contracts so that every player hasnt just joined there club june 2006? sorry for the esay, im bit of an amateur editor. good luck with the rest
  8. hi mate, thank you so much for doing this, its exactly what i was after, top man for doing so much research an havin the patience to do it. lookin forward to it, will check outthe current one now
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