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  1. Has anyone got Cardiff or Swansea in europe??? Because apparently irl there is a uefa condition in place thats says they can never qualify through the english league, can it be done in FM???
  2. Barca Athletic

    thanks dude
  3. Ok so I want to manage Barca 'B' and overtake the 'proper' barca team, but can you gain promotion to la liga? Ive heard youu cant. But Ive also heard you can byt ties are severd with the 'a' team whats the truth? also has anyone ever done it if its possible?
  4. Neymar

    how did you get him at a championship club???
  5. the most hated player on fm

    ^That and Aaron Gunarrson for coventry, because I hate his face. Go on have a look at him he is disgusting
  6. as soon as I read that you think carlos was better at freekick I have to disregard your opinion on everything. Ever.
  7. Also player XXX does not get on with player XXX. One is a class forward and the other one is a class midfielder; I literally tossed a coin.
  8. Player XXX wants to move to a bigger club, I persuade him to stay saying we will grow etc. We win the Prem and just after he says he wants to move to a bigger club still ok they maybe more historically bigger clubs but cant this idiot see that Dover are the future of English football?
  9. Dynamic rivalries?

    Woah there fella, football was only invented when the Premiership started
  10. The most annoying thing anout being a football manager manger is the fact that it always makes me late for things 'in real life' its always 'one more game' etc.
  11. Probably been mentioned before but I would like to random events such as players getting into trouble with the law, car crashes etc. It obviously could not happen too often but in todays game these things do pop up occasionaly
  12. Yeah that ^ Ive had 19 year olds point blank refuse to talk to me when really they should be busting a gut to sign for me