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  1. Started with Fulham on classic mode won every game so far made only one signing and that was Tom Cairney hopefully it keeps going with the results
  2. Sheer Italian dominance with Juventus longest save i have ever had since playing Football Manager just love how many substitutes you can have on the bench
  3. It is simply brilliant i played with Man United using the tactic and won the league with ease the attacking side of it is awesome.. Hope you enjoyed TLC buddy i am also a WWE nut
  4. Francois Zoko simply cannot stop scoring since i brought him into Blackburn to back up Rhodes all of a sudden Rhodes can only make the bench these days Zoko cost me a tidy sum of absolute nothing
  5. Don't know if it is just me but every time I try to move a player I don't want to another club I get a crash dump come up. Tried it three times even verified my game on steam to see if that would sort it but the same problem occurs sorry to be a pain.
  6. I have this trouble at times in my save i tend to see when the next match is if there is a mid week game i rest the whole team for one day if there is 13 days due to international break i rest them for 7 days. Had a few injuries but fitness always seems good before every match .
  7. My last win i beat a very bad tempered Sunderland side 4-1 with my Colchester team in the Capital One Cup after extra time... No dought i will loose the next 3 in League One
  8. I would also like to know this i know you are unsackable with the club you start with but what happens if you moves sides do same rules apply
  9. Sadly i agree with this and also its a manager with hair very unrealistic
  10. I am going to try some of these methods on an FMC save see if i get any joy
  11. 1. Look for what leagues have sponsored kits 2. Download a kit pack for each of these leagues 3. Delete all the kit images just leaving the config file in every folder 4. start the game and they should all be plain normal kits no sponsor
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