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  1. Imgur is the way. Everytime.
  2. My first save was with Bury Town, first international was KFK in Iceland who I have a huge soft spot for <3
  3. I have seen 250+ world class Jamacian DC who was capped from the age of 16, lasted til he was 40 odd
  4. Season 10 - Mid Season Its been a hectic few months out here in Denmark, Champions League groups and the Gold Cup both played it has been quite a long ride for me but I am happy with how it has all gone. [video=youtube;q4ctCc1YOc0]
  5. I am busy writing a law essay so give me a little bit
  6. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/flamers/
  7. As I have said many times I am up for a 1 v 1 game or a tournament at any point
  8. Season 10 - End of Pre Season We meet our first set of tough expectations in the league, honestly I have no idea if I will be able to achieve them with the added fixures that could happen if we get anywhere in the Champions League but I am sure that we will give it a good go. [video=youtube;Q_-NTp8SR6Y]
  9. For laptops dell are fine, for desktops they are horrendous, the poor quality of the motherboards, power supplies and wiring lets them down. If you do it yourself or get it from an enthusiast site then you will get a much higher quality machine that won't end up wearing out after 2 years
  10. I dont think I will, I want to try and win the CL first then I might
  11. Season 10 - Pre Season The off season has been good for me on the international front, the club hasn't been too busy but we are always looking for ways to improve the squad. [video=youtube;qno3KwdymBU]
  12. Having had to be in Crewe for an hour, I do.
  13. They are still better in the long run
  14. No problems, always here to help