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  1. Howdy, What everyone has been missing over these last few years is a bit of nostalgia. Some of the more veteran members of the forum may remember my name, most of you won't. Back when Football Manager was more about managing a football team and less about social media and continual press conferences and the match engine nearly worked I had a series of ambitious saves. [FM10] The Rise Of A College Team - Team Bury FC, the legendary [FM11] The Ice Cream Dream, The Rise Of Icelandic Football, I'm Just Flamers From The Bloc.and Pastries, Bacon and Butter. What more could a man want?. Recently I had the urge to sadistically trudge through the management of a cold remote Icelandic club again so I fired FM11 back up to see what I could do. If you use your GoogleFu you will struggle to find many pointers to what works back in the older versions of the game. Luckily I am here to save you. The concept of this tactic when it was first born was simple. Score more goals than they do. If you have ever tried managing in the Icelandic second division you will quickly learn that defending isn;t a thing that your players can do. Therefore the best way to win is scoring a bigger number of goals than they do. So now to the meat and potatoes of this post. The tactic. Upper League Tactic - 2021 Formation The top part is the current iteration of the tactic which works with a higher level team and is not suitable for lower division side (think English conference level), the second part is a tactic for those lower league sides. The formation is pretty self explanatory, 4 defenders, 2 midfielders, 2 attacking midfielders and 2 strikers. Looking something a little like this: Player Instructions Unlike some of the newer versions of FM that image doesn't provide with all the details. So heres a breakdown of roles starting from the bottom (click to see Specific Instructions): GK - Goalkeeper - Defend DL - Full Back - Automatic DCL - Central Defender - Defend DCR - Central Defender - Defend DR - Full Back - Automatic MCL - Advanced Playmaker - Support MCR - Ball Winning Midfielder - Defend AML - Winger - Attack AMR - Winger - Attack STL - Target Man - Support STR - Poacher - Attack Team Instructions Now you have a pretty decent idea of the players and how they play we can move onto the team as a whole. This is a bit of an interesting one as this tactic is about the goals and the first thing you will notice is I use "Counter" as the mentality this is mainly to guard against complacency, if you are playing in a lesser known nation you can end of as a very big club for your nation very quickly. It also helps when you are playing against bigger teams as it allows you to launch breaks quickly. What we are looking to achieve is wide football with plenty of crosses for your strikers to get on the end of, simple law of averages. Cross the ball enough and you will score. You can find attached the download to the tactic, if for whatever reason it ever goes missing you can also download it here as well. Results All of the above is just words and pictures without some proof, I have no interest in showing you what this looks like when I take Man Utd to a Premier League title in the first season because let's be honest we should all be able to do that. What I can show you is this tactic beating Premier league teams with an Icelandic team, going 48 games unbeaten in the league, winning every game in a season. Previous iterations have won back to back promotions, the treble has been done before, we have been league champions for 8 seasons now. Historic Premier League Winners 2011 - Second Division 2012 - Second Division 2013 - First Division 2014 - Premier League 2015 - Premier League 2016 - Premier League 2017 - Premier League 2018 - Premier League 2019 - Premier League 2020 - Premier League 2021 - Premier League 2022 - Premier League 2020 - Champions League 2021 - Champions League 2022 - Champions League Lower League Tactic - 2014 This part is focused on the earlier version that is more for the lower leagues where players have less creativity and capability, it's expected you will generally have a much worse team and lower reputation to go with it. Formation Once again, the same formation, the only difference is with the central midfield players, the rest of the roles stay the same Player Instructions MCL - Deep Lying Playmaker - Support MCR - Ball Winning Midfielder - Support There you have it a fairly comprehensive post around scoring a shed load of goals and conceding several on the way. I would be interested if anyone can recreate this in a newer version and see how much the match engine has changed. If you have any questions please post them and I'll do my best to answer them. If you're curious how many hours I've spent in FM11, as of writing this post 1023 hours. 4-2-2-2 2021 attack (Magni, Mar 2021).tac 4-2-2-2 2014 attack (Magni, Nov 2018).tac
  2. Imgur is the way. Everytime.
  3. My first save was with Bury Town, first international was KFK in Iceland who I have a huge soft spot for <3
  4. I have seen 250+ world class Jamacian DC who was capped from the age of 16, lasted til he was 40 odd
  5. Season 10 - Mid Season Its been a hectic few months out here in Denmark, Champions League groups and the Gold Cup both played it has been quite a long ride for me but I am happy with how it has all gone. [video=youtube;q4ctCc1YOc0]
  6. I am busy writing a law essay so give me a little bit
  7. As I have said many times I am up for a 1 v 1 game or a tournament at any point
  8. Season 10 - End of Pre Season We meet our first set of tough expectations in the league, honestly I have no idea if I will be able to achieve them with the added fixures that could happen if we get anywhere in the Champions League but I am sure that we will give it a good go. [video=youtube;Q_-NTp8SR6Y]
  9. For laptops dell are fine, for desktops they are horrendous, the poor quality of the motherboards, power supplies and wiring lets them down. If you do it yourself or get it from an enthusiast site then you will get a much higher quality machine that won't end up wearing out after 2 years
  10. I dont think I will, I want to try and win the CL first then I might
  11. Season 10 - Pre Season The off season has been good for me on the international front, the club hasn't been too busy but we are always looking for ways to improve the squad. [video=youtube;qno3KwdymBU]
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