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  1. Howdy, What everyone has been missing over these last few years is a bit of nostalgia. Some of the more veteran members of the forum may remember my name, most of you won't. Back when Football Manager was more about managing a football team and less about social media and continual press conferences and the match engine nearly worked I had a series of ambitious saves. [FM10] The Rise Of A College Team - Team Bury FC, the legendary [FM11] The Ice Cream Dream, The Rise Of Icelandic Football, I'm Just Flamers From The Bloc.and Pastries, Bacon and Butter. What more could a man want?.
  2. My first save was with Bury Town, first international was KFK in Iceland who I have a huge soft spot for <3
  3. I have seen 250+ world class Jamacian DC who was capped from the age of 16, lasted til he was 40 odd
  4. For laptops dell are fine, for desktops they are horrendous, the poor quality of the motherboards, power supplies and wiring lets them down. If you do it yourself or get it from an enthusiast site then you will get a much higher quality machine that won't end up wearing out after 2 years
  5. Daz: Cheaper than Dell, slightly less RAM (you honestly only need 8GB unless you are rendering videos but I gave you 16) but everything else is far better: http://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/saved/583095
  6. Its Dell, get the f*** away. I will spec you one when I get home, if you want to build it its a touch cheaper and as long as you have greater intelligence than a chimp you'll be fine. If you want it prebuilt I can get you one much better for less
  7. Barrow AFC, had a transfer embargo over January
  8. Surely its very limited in scope?
  9. *Tries to get to April today* (currently in June)
  10. Its not bad, I am 500 or so in with 47% (IIRC) but I am now pretty much dominating my league
  11. SRL tell them it could be how handles the drafts. Not sure if it is but seems like a source
  12. It sounds server side at a guess, but I could be wrong
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