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  1. Nice work. I've made a few posts about getting it to function in Germany/France/Netherlands going a different way. Would be curious to see if your idea works in Spain and Portugal too, as they never behaved like the others for me.
  2. I've uninstalled FM20 now and don't have the files, but I managed to find a workaround that worked permanently for the Netherlands, Germany and France. No matter what I did, Spanish and Portuguese clubs would create new B clubs after a season or two. I changed the relationship between the main club and B/2/II to feeder, and drastically reduced the reputations of the secondary clubs to prevent them from emerging. You'd then need to move players across to the main club. To replace B/2/II teams I created generic U23 leagues mirroring the league structures of their senior teams. I don't
  3. I've encountered the same issue across multiple saves, playing in England, Italy and Germany. It's just very strange. I don't necessarily agree that it is a logical function of playing that type of 4-3-3; with the right players and aggressive pressing you absolutely should be able to prevent opponents from making 400-800 passes in their own half. Even if this came at the cost of making you extremely vulnerable to a direct pass or ball over the top. As it is, you can embark on the most ridiculous kamikaze pressing regime ever seen and it won't tend to disrupt relegation battlers from their
  4. Thanks for looking. I'm not sure this is the case, at least for Spain. I haven't looked into Portugal's rules as I figure that whatever causes Spain to generate B teams is probably the same there. I have removed B teams on that page for Spain, and also selected "don't allow optional reserve teams" as an option under Reserve Teams to Create. I didn't mention this in my original post, but choosing that option appears to block human managers from requesting B teams. I just completed another quick test which doesn't give me much optimism; I created a simple new league structure for Spain
  5. I got bored during lockdown and decided to tackle one of the longest running personal irritants impacting my FM experience: messed up career stats pages. I've searched around and seen a few people mention it on here, but no real solutions appear to be available. For anyone confused by what I mean, I'm talking about the way the player history page logs the progress of younger players at clubs with B or II clubs. Multiple entries for the same season, usually with no competitive appearances for at least one of the teams. In 2020 I've even seen a number of experienced players 'demoted' to a B
  6. The only way I've been able to 'counter' these overly defensive teams and win the possession battle has been to completely overload their defensive third with bodies. The fact that your pass completion is 91% and you've absolutely dominated the game indicates that low possession is absolutely not a fault of your tactics, it's a quirk/bug. Somewhat counter-intuitively, I've found that systems with two or three actual strikers do a good job of preventing mid-table teams from racking up hundreds of passes between their centre backs and DM/CMs and dominate possession from there. If your
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