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  1. Players don't run

    anyway, wingers and attacking full-backs had more than just 8.something in the previous versions...apart from what real figures would look like, something seems to be wrong...either in the FM2012 or in the previous versions
  2. how is one supposed to play a year with a squad of only 15 players or so?? are the squads bigger with the given FMRTE routine? can anyone post a database where this routine has already been applied?
  3. 20 from 20

    what about a logarithmic scale?
  4. yeah, really hoping for the demo on a fan-site... from germany too..
  5. Tevez and loyalty

    i don't think that those family-issue is the problem... he just wants to play...as one could expect regarding his performances last year!
  6. Tevez and loyalty

    ManCity is what's wrong with the modern game. You got Dzeko, Tevez, Balotelli, Adebayor (as of summer 2011), why buying another world-class striker?? ManCity shouldn't complain about unhappy players as long as they keep buying players they actually do not need...
  7. Tevez and loyalty

    purpose of mancini's substitutions was pretty clear..keeping the 2-0, not conceding any more goals and saving power for the weekend...under these circumstances i can understand why tevez was not really keen on playing.. tevez is absolutely right that he deserves some amount of respect! what about dzeko applauding to mancini for taking him off? nobody wants a downgrade for dzeko??
  8. i think you will have to develop the other clubs yourself, i.e. you have to leave your current club and lead another one to the top positions of the league. after 3-4 years you change to the next club. and so on... doing so you will create 4-5 clubs fighting for the title and raise the league's standard.
  9. so if a player's attributes decrease it is not due to my bad training schedules??
  10. depends on what you're going to do with them? sandro will do well when playing as ball-winning-midfielder/anchor man, m'vila will be able to play well in almost every DM/CM-role, but will also be a lot more expensive...
  11. hm, paying 2.4M pounds just to get such a contract (for just one year) doesn't really make sense, does it?
  12. gerd müller??? shearer? klinsmann? morientes? hakan sükür? in my opinion a poacher is just focussed on scoring goals no matter how. in most cases they don't seem to be technically gifted. so i think the names coming up here like crespo, van nistelrooy, owen, raul, trezeguet are nowhere near being poachers. they are lot more than that. furthermore, i suppose the poacher to be an "endangered species".
  13. FM11: Official Galatasaray Thread

    In my recent save I joined Galatasaray in July 2013 (loaded countries are: Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Argentina), after 3 years of being in charge of Lokomotiv Moscow (Russian Champions 2012, Russian Cup and Europa League 2013). We got Champions in 2014 only on the last matchday. Semi-final in the cup and quarter-final in the Euro League. I find there's a lot of potential in the club, but also a lot of work to be done. You definitely have to improve your staff and training/youth facilities. Also the squad needs to be improved, quite a lot of old players. What is even more challenging, you are only allowed to have 8 foreigners in your registered squad as well as only 6 foreigners in your 18 man match squad. Moreover there has to be one U23-homegrown in your match squad. Currently I play a 442 formation with GK-FBR-DC-DC-FBL-AMR-MC(box-to-box)-MC(ball winning)-AML-ST(deep-lying)-ST(Poacher). First team in the 2013/2014 season: Ufuk Ceylan-Sabri Sarioglu-Servet Cetin-Squillaci-Ali Kaldirim-Kazim Richards-Sigurdsson-Gonalons-Arda Turan-Stancu-Thiago Alves/Santa Cruz For this campaign I signed: Gonalons (5M from Lyon), Thiago Silva (11M from Santos), Ali Kaldirim (2,7M from Villareal), Squillaci (free from Arsenal), Santa Cruz (free from ManCity), Sigurdsson (free from Hoffenheim) as well as Raul Garcia (3,1M from Atl. Madrid). In the winter transfer period I decided to get rid of Raul Garcia again as he was very poor-performing (3,1M to Villareal). Sigurdsson perform quite well on the box-to-box-MC position, although I know he might be better in a AMC-playmaking role. But the system rules, not the players.. ;-) For the new season I signed the following: Areola(GK), Gabriel(FBR, 18year old Brazilian regen, 4 1/2 stars potential), Orhan Gülle (MC, 4 star potential), Turgay Bahadir(30 year old ST as back-up??) as well as some Turkish players on loan: Tolgay Arslan, Serdar Gürler...
  14. You could try to ruin Real? Sell the best players for nearly nothing, buying crap players for tons of money... ;-) Should take a while for them to recover..
  15. I think this is just a way to make a fast PC even more faster... I tested it on my Notebook(Win7) having 2GB of RAM, I made a RAMdisk of 1GB. On one hand I've "won" 1GB of fast virtual memory, but on the other hand I've "lost" 1GB of physical memory. In my case there's no noticeable speeding-up of FM... :-(