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  1. Was told to repost this here I've noticed more examples than this so it would appear to be a widespread issue, although when A-League teams play each other in the Champions League the kit selection seems fine?
  2. The incorrect kit selection that was present in FM15 is still there, Melbourne City shouldn't be playing in their away kit at home vs. Western Sydney, looks a mess. Sydney FC and WSW shouldn't be playing in their away kit when they play each other, ever. Should be an easy enough fix if someone checks it? Another issue is that Melbourne City doesn't appear to have 3D kits, this has been an issue since they were first included in FM some versions ago. EDIT: Just noticed WSW are incorrectly entered in the Club World Cup as well, unless that's just a quirk of the quick start save I'm playing on the demo?
  3. Thanks Uncle_Sam, that seems to have done the trick. You're a genius
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying to delete the four players from widehawk's DB who were transferred to the A-League in the last patch, as they are now duplicates. In the editor they seem to be gone, but when I start a new game they're still there at their original clubs, and I can't for the life of me figure out why? Any ideas??