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  1. What role should i give this guy playing as an AMC? would he be good as a Trequartista?
  2. This happens to me as well ive had city as my first game for 7 seasons now.
  3. Alder has won european goalkeeper of the year 5 seasons in a row for me, so id go for him.
  4. I never leave Man United but i would probably go to Barcelona or Real Madrid if i was offered the job.
  5. Pato has 106 goals in 88 games for me playing as a lone striker. Definitely worth it.
  6. I dont think so, he didn't score enough for me and you could get Pato for that.
  7. My regen just became the youngest scorer in the Prem:D Think he could get better than Rooney?
  8. I payed 16.5M for him at the start of the second season.
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