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  1. hi,nice results and great job!!!can you write your teamtalks mate?ty
  2. yes today tactic.i will play more matches now and see how it goes.offensive is great
  3. can you post some screenshots with your results please?i play two matches with chelsea.looks very good but defence isnt stable so far.opponents have lot of chance but results are nice.Chelsea 1:0 Man city Fulham 2:5 Chelsea
  4. ok,its only this change?how many notches you push d-line and sweeper keeper?can you send me this on my email?you have it in PM,thank you.
  5. Special 10::wow its very nice,can you upload your version or send me on pm please?i need invincible tactic because i am bored with fm 11 and awaiting fm 12.thank you
  6. please can you reupload this tactic?looks very good
  7. ok,thank you.i try it on my czech league and chelsea save i also love total football,can you post more your results with this new tactic?
  8. very nice,can you reupload this tactic with your tweaks or send me on email mara.sustai@seznam.cz thank you
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