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  1. Enjoying your updates your doing very good, I would like to know do you have screen shots of your back room staff in your first season and your current staff cheers
  2. Second season mid august my transfers done for now as I will do a rebuild in my third season just wanted to see if I could build on this team since we did good in the first season. So I bought more then I sold as my plan is to win the league and win one of the domestic cups and also get through the group stage of UEFA CL to bring in some added funds. I asked the board to improve the youth and training facilities and they agreed to do both which is good so I hope to get a better youth intake this time around as I only got one this time around. Below is my transfers as I did bring in a 30 plus goal scoring striker Damiao and a very good english cb. also I have Honda coming in Jan for free. Pre season over and the team is doing good and will hopefully get our first trophy when we play ManCity in the European super cup. due to ManCity almost winning every trophy in the first season. Current second season transfers
  3. I am thinking of buying him in the first second season window or wait and let him develop more at Darby as I do have Honda coming in on a free in Jan. as my report on Hughes to buy him would cost me between 7m-9.75m pounds.
  4. Good stats on your players and tuff luck on the Capital one cup and FA cup, and good job on winning the league in your first season as I came in third behind the two Manchester teams. I also played the 4-5-1/4-3-3 system with good effect even with injuries as you won the league and the board should give you a good transfer kitty for next season so you may not have to fully rebuild I go 33.5m pounds for coming in third place in the league but I did win the UEFA cup so that produced extra funds. Question is James Milner worth buying he is transfer listed at 9m start of the second season transfer window?
  5. Ok cool as they both did well in the first season as the only problem was the injuries and Mclaughlin did well also when both Johnson and kelly were injured I will scout De Sciglio.
  6. Second season Ok I was given 33.5M pounds as initial transfer budget so now I have a few questions should I keep Johnson and kelly as my right back or sale both and get two new right backs that do not get injured as much. Also Falcao is transfer listed at 25M pounds was thinking of making the first bid as chelsea is going to make a bid for him soon due to the transfer window just opened. As I will sell the normal spearing, and carroll. I will need a new CB due to Cara retiring and a new Gk as well for back up at first then take over for Reina later.
  7. Borini only scored 12 goals with an rating of 7.04 the reason for the low goals is I did not play him much but he will get more games as he played better from the middle to end of the season.
  8. I just finished season 1 I started with no transfers in the first window and that how it stayed the whole season as I did not get any kind of transfer budget in the winter window so I was stuck with the same team. To my surprise the team did well as we stayed in the top 4 most of the season. I started with a 4-2-3-1 tactic to meet the attacking quota put on my by the board but due to injuries I had to switch to a 4-5-1/4-1-2-2-1 formation. This worked very well I must say with no transfers in or out the whole season we ended up 3rd in the league as we had a chance to finish 2nd but due to injuries and dropping points only allowed us to 3rd so CL for next season. Also the team was able to get a double as we won the capital one cup against ManU and surprise win over Real Madrid in the UEFA Cup final note C.Ronaldo was injured so made it a little easier for us. My tactic and regular starting line-up Capital One Cup Final and the UEFA Cup Final Reina won Golden glove with 30 clean sheets Sturridge with 25 goals for the season Suarez with 20 goals for the season Season 2 is coming up and I am hoping the board will give me a good transfer budget to strengthen my team so we can compete with the likes of ManU and ManCity ... as those two team finished ahead of us ManCity won the league and ManU came in second. Also with the injuries I had I am looking to get ride of the injured prone players and bring new players that will stay injured free or at least not as injured prone. So lets see what I will get for a transfer budget with me being in the CL and won the UEFA Cup.
  9. Nation: Big leagues in Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Spain, England, Holland) Division: Top-flight European Competition: Don't care Media Prediction: Top-table finish Board Expectation(s): Develop players using youth system Transfer Budget: Not huge, but something to be able to start buying young players with Wage Budget: No preferences Finances: Not in red Other: Looking for a team that can adapt to the 3-5-2 formation without making a lot of transfers in the first window Cheers
  10. your are right I had started a save with a transfer update that was not SI official update so I started a new save and I was able to offer a new contract to Lampard
  11. I have not offered him one yet as I just started my Chelsea save and wanted to keep him so that is good news then so I will offer him one and see if he accepts, as I was going to wait until Dec. Jan. to offer him a new contract due to he listed as leaving on a free but following your career save and he accepted your offer at the start of the first season is good news.
  12. Hello Bracken, very nice updates on your save I have a question did you edit the database to be able to offer Lampard a new contract or just used the current SI update cheers..
  13. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Phil Jones/ Rapheal Verane Your Team:Chelsea Buyer/Seller: Manchester Utd/Real Madrid Player's Value: Offer: 18.5m Transfer/Wage Budget:34m Patch: 3.2.2 Season:season 1 Looking to for a good CB that is young and can play first team as I these two I can get but who would be better as they both look good.
  14. Ok then look at the last two Doria and Lisandro Lopez and Marco Capuano and Davide Astori
  15. Well first what season you are in and how does you transfer budget look like as I can suggest two that are young and you should be able to bring them to Arsenal .. Raphael Varane, and Phil Jones are two you defenders you can try and get as I am not sure how young you are talking about if you want younger you can look for Doria and Lisandro Lopez.
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