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  1. Or you can a make a contribution to the thread? It is bookmarked for me already--and that is why I said I search for it "sometimes". You obviously missed the point of the post.
  2. This thread has close to 5,500 views. This is a high quality thread that I have to search for sometimes as I look at it a couple of times a week. Can the Admins make this a "sticky" thread?
  3. A couple of other questions/comments I forgot: (1) How do you get more players from Brazil, Argentina and Chile? I am having a lot of problems with work permit issues. Although he is interested and signs on, the work permit always gets declined. (2) How do I get into a better Youth League? Last I dominated the league--and the team I have this year is even better. It just will not be competitive as I have teams such as Brighton, Wycombe, Leyton Orient and Barnet. I was hoping for a better league. (3) It is very difficult for me to get any of these players from other EPL or even other lower English Leagues from the Under 18's. I might have some issues with the Homegrown Rule if I cannot put any English players on my Under 18 roster.
  4. SFraser, This is a great thread. I have been implementing many of your ideas in my current save, Southampton. However, one thing I had to do was completely turnover the players was there was a lack of determination in the squad. Many of the tutors on the existing squad right now are players acquired in the free market, as that determination characteristic was not evident in the existing squad when I started. As a result, it is a very bloated roster. I am in the PL this year, the third year of the save. I have also purchased a number of prospects off of the youth teams and reserves, so the pipeline for the talent is in the works in the youth squad (and to a lesser extent on the first team). Two concerns I have as I go into the third season: (1) How do you deal with the complaints of lack of playing time from your players, which I think will be forthcoming soon enough? (2) How do you manage your tutors? I know you should have tutors on the players with the best prospects and they should have good chemistry, but what other factors do you look at when making an assignment for tutoring and you have a choice of players of who should be tutored? I have a number of players that are waiting to be tutored, but there is not enough players to tutor them right now and I am concerned about adding even more experienced, high determination players to my first team squad. I have 32 players on my first team squad and 11 tutoring sessions going on currently.
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