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  1. so i guess nothings coming out of this? haha
  2. I usually stick to a formation which works, because half the time I make changes I end up losing.
  3. hahahaha that was actually funny haha
  4. Probably Messi. I've always wondered how good he'd be outside of Barcelona but never even bothered putting in a bid because I know it'll get rejected, plus, Messi staying at Barcelona just makes the game seem much more realistic to me, as stupid as that sounds. Has anyone ever bought him, or even just bidded?
  5. Serg

    Funny FM11 conversation

    Yeah, I've had similar ones, at Chelsea, this youngster Daniel Pappoe didn't want to be tutored by John Terry for the same reason haha
  6. I bought Vaclav Kadlec in my first season for Chelsea. He's been a great player and is hailed to be my next Drogba.
  7. Has anyone out there managed to get the best out of Daniel Sturridge? Im currently in my second season with Chelsea, and Ive been rotating Sturridge from striker to both the right and left wing, and he's managed to score 11 goals from 13 matches, and has an average rating of 7.69. Sturridge playin well for anyone else?
  8. England and Poland, especially the lower leagues, but top flight is good as well.
  9. I dont have any problems with it. But, because i play every single match with extended highlights, I sometimes find the game-play repetitive.
  10. just wondering, when you play the game to that depth, do you have better performances and results, compared to that if you just rushed through games?
  11. Not all of these may be that strange but anyway... Ancellotti - Italy Guardiola - Spain Wenger - Barcelona Mancini - Chelsea Redknapp - Man. City and like many of you... Aguirre - Arsenal.
  12. During a match, when your strikers cant seem to score from the 6 yard box, but then as soon as an opposition player takes a shot from well outside ur box, it hits ur midfielder whos 30 yards away from your goal, and somehow goes in as an own-goal... i was ****ed off as hell haha
  13. Serg

    All Nighter!

    FM! how can you sleep without it? haha
  14. Im in my second year with Portsmouth after getting promoted and I too started off really poorly, bottom on 0 points after 5 games haha. You really need to be patient, I started to mess around with my tactics, playing with a 4-5-1, and quite attacking, with direct passing and counter attacking. Now, after 10 games, I'm 10th and im going pretty well... well I didnt help much haha but yeh be patient, see what works best with your team and the results should start flying in, good luck.