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  1. Quiting Then Loading?

    I know this thread a bit old, but let me bump it up a bit =p Currently facing this problem, always have the tendency to reload when losing against easy win teams in league matches. Then somehow, modified the tactics, change some touchline instructions and the replay end up winning by 3 - 4 goals. Later, I will feel bad about it since there is no satisfaction winning on a reload and it removes the realism from the fm experience. One way to motivate me to stop reloading, is the fact i'll never go very far in the save and ill always end up restarting to a new save
  2. I guess I will choose the club that pays me the most since I need some cash rite now and all other benefits are the same between the two. I'm guessing that I might be able to get a playoff spot this season and chievo most probably be relegated from serie a since there are at bottom place whole season so might be difference of 1 or 2 leagues. For your question, I have totally no idea which club to offer players to.
  3. Ok, let me rephrase the questions What are the best criteria to look for when choosing between different parent clubs? How to get other clubs to buy players I put in transfer list? Any tips and guides on managing Rodengo Saiano (start at Italian Serie C2/A)?
  4. Hey guys, Just recently started a new save in FM 2010 as Rodengo Saiano in Italian Serie C2/A but started unemployed and started managing them in November. Just recently request a parent club from the board. They ask me to decide between Mantova and Chievo Verona. Basically both have same geographical location but Chievo provides more funds to me. Just want to know selection criteria in selecting a parent club. Incase you want to know, both Chievo and Mantova are sitting in the relegation zone of the Italian Serie A and B respectively. Now at end of February 2010. I am also having difficulty signing star striker Nicola Dal Bosco on loan from Vicenza due to lack of transfer funds and nobody want to buy players i put on the transfer list.