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  1. Fallen Giants

    Yeah, I got as far as the Premier with 'em in fm2011 before definetely giving up as I was still waiting for them to turn pro and didn't know they were programmed to stay amature... You've got the editing option though if you want to... I just didn't felle it was right You've got Red Star 93 in French national (3rd division) also as a nice challenge.
  2. Hi again, just posting a result of my second season with Clyde (promoted in D2 first season) and won the division with 6 games to go. Using Knap's 99 point tactic at home and tweaked a bit for away games. Really enjoying it. Big thanks to Knap. Have fun all. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AMBTIML0 There it is. If you take too many goals on away matches (especially on through balls). Works for me.
  4. Hi, I don't know much about tactics. That's why I come eagerly on Knap's threads check out if anything new is out! I'm actually on my first season with Clyde in Scottish 3rd division and I had the same problem, with losses like 4-3 / 5-4 on away matches even with the tactic fluidly learned. These are the changes I made if someone wants to try that out (only for away matches). If some tweaks are controversial, well let me know I'm on a 16 match unbeaten streak, with 10 without having conceeded any and only two draws... promotion coming! Mentality - 2 clics Passing style + 3 Tempo +2 Pressing -2 Time wasting +2 Defence line -4 MR/MS runs on sometimes (no arrow) DR/DL runs to never (arrow downwards) The tactic beeing a counter attacking one the goals still come even while sitting a bit lower. I got very bad and slow defenders. Knap's 99 points at home or if I'm missing goals on the away matches. Regards, Hfive
  5. FM12 - Lower League Players

    Yep, exploded my wage budget on that one. But great player. The most important fact being that he signed in D3, so low reputations ain't a problem, now I'm sure you can sign him for less by negociating, I just didn't bother when I saw I still hadn't signed anyone and sure didn't want him to go somewhere else! No, I mean € 4500, needless to say that after him, I had no more wage budget and can only sign players for € 450. Financialy risky, but I'm hoping on promotion first season :x PS sorry, missed post 92. Will make a search in the post next time
  6. FM12 - Lower League Players

    Name: Enzo Scorza Age: 23 Position: S Ideal Role / Duty: Striker Current club: Free transfer Country: Uruguay / Italy W.Permit: Doesn't need one Transfer: Free transfer Club & League Signed for: Clyde, 3rd Scottish division / 4500 € per month. I'm sorry for not posting a screen, but when I try to upload an image, it says I don't have the right to :o Really worth a look, incredibly fast (on my game 16 page / 17 Acc. / 14 Dribble / 15 Technique.
  7. Ok, I'll reduce runs on the fullbacks then, but what do you mean by 'SUS'? I forgot but often one of the two center backs also underperforms when dealing with only one striker, I thought of putting one defender on man marking and leaveing the other one on zonal, or is it best to just let it be...?
  8. Hey Knap, First of all thanks for your great work with tactics. I'm not a big poster, but I follow the forum quite a lot. I'm actually playing with your latest Man City tactics (I love 442) but I have big issues with fullbacks underperforming against 4231 formations. What changes would you recomend? Regards, Hfive
  9. Hi all, I just wanted to post some screens of my first season with this revamped tactic! I took Montpellier in French 1st division. Media prediction 7th. i sure hoped to grab a CL qualifier via 1-3rd place, but I had a much greater season. By hfive at 2011-08-16 By hfive at 2011-08-16 By hfive at 2011-08-16 Benitez scored 51 goals in all competitios as the central striker. Just as in the OP, no OI's, no Teamtalks (except end of match and sometimes at half time with individual bad performances where I get angry). Moral kept high all season. The only time I got some bad losses, the low cup matches came round to bring it back up again. If your calendar allows you, don't hesitate to fill in a friendly match against a very week teem just to push moral back up. (I didn't need to this time, but works brilliantly otherwise). Many thanks to Franky and earstorm. Have fun all!
  10. I'm actualy having great results in French third division, with promotion coming with a media prediction of 7th. Pretty solid and great up front. But I switched at mid season cause I was using devasto before with max pitch size. In the OP you say your tactic needs minimum pitch size. I'm non the less having great results, my strikers have lots of space and my players aren't suffering condition due to the closing down. So I'm wondering have any others have good results on a big pitch? Or was the tactic only tested on minimum size?
  11. Hey all, Like someone said above, I'm trying match preparation on defensive positioning (I play Paris FC, been promoted to french 2nd dvivision). Having much better results this way, especially on the away games where I used to concede a lot. My squad definitely isn't great compared to the top division teams, but I'm having a great second part of season (since I changed the match preparation) and a second promotion is an achievable goal if it continues that way. You still score loads. Cheers grobs, hope this helps, maybe for those teams not having a great defence or on away games.
  12. Brobs, is match preparation 'none' cause you can't be bothered or because it makes a difference in the actual play? Or has anyone got better success with some sort of match preparation in particular...
  13. Hey Brobs, the tactic I downloaded from FMbase (when you started this post) had the corner setup to far post. So I'll redownload it from here, maybe it wasn't quite the 'ultimate' ultimate Finished my first season with Paris FC, and got promoted from French 3 div. Was struggling at four points from promotion in the last 1/3 of the season when I changed to your tactic with difficult matches to come, so it sure turned things around. I hardly concede at home, one goal once in a while, but I take in 2-4 away systematically, am I unlucky?
  14. Hey Brobs great tactic. For me surely M. Huges 10.3 successor. I also changed the offensive corner set up to the near post, more goals this way Only draw back, the yellow cards. I tried lowering tackling down a bit, but got much less possession. Any tweaks you would consider for keepeing the score in an endgame (like when the opposition goes on 4 up front)?
  15. Tx jase19 I thought so but wasn't completely sure