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  1. I'm Celtic, I won the league 1st season and got knocked out in the first knock out round of the UCL after the group stages. I've managed to sign Mason Greenwood, Chong, Claudio Bravo on a permanent deals and have had a lot of big players interested in me such as Foden, Ozil, Hudson-Odo, Marcelo as an example. I find it a bit to soon for them to be interested, Greenwood played 34 of 38 games in the 1st season at Man U, this is compounded with my players such as Forrest/Sinclair/McGregor wanting to move to a bigger club.
  2. A quick observation about the Euro Cup II is that the prize money is the same as the Euro Cup, in fact if your in from the first qualification round of the 2nd Euro Cup you would get more money. Shouldn't you get more, or will it be as reputable to win as the original Euro Cup?
  3. It's the same for me at Merthyr, I've got about 10 players signed on contracts beyond the first season and it's July 1st 2021 so I'm basically starting again after finishing 18th.
  4. I'm in this year as well, Merthyr for me as well. Mr Champfan10
  5. A quick check on google shows he has only scored 3 career free kicks including them so may be the basis of the rating.
  6. Are you playing them together? I'm also on an Arsenal save in March 2020 and can't get them in the team together without compromising creativity. I have got them scoring with Auba 18 & Laca on 14 goals but only playing 1 up top in a 4231 formation. I am struggling to get my AMC to provide assists (Maddison or Ozil)
  7. I agree, I don't do press conferences anymore as it gets boring when the answers have been the same for a few years, also never seem to have the answer I want.
  8. My hours are very high, mainly because I generally leave the game running when I'm working from home, here's my hours:- FM12 1201hrs FM13 1302hrs FM14 1292hrs FM15 1069hrs FM16 2024hrs FN17 862hrs High numbers but I think CM 01/02 would top all those hours above as my most played version.
  9. I signed Gaya for my Arsenal side and he was excellent and contributed to us winning the league in the first season.
  10. I don't really like to loan players to teams in the same league, even when they can't play against you. I tend to favour the Scottish Prem as a destination for my loan players as I like to try and stop the Celtic dominance up there.
  11. First season in the premiership with Hull and finished 6th, that's without signing any big players. Biggest signing was probably the free transfer of Jack Wilshere.
  12. I ended up losing in the play off final but I had a paper thin squad. Just finished my second season with Hull and won the Championship with 103 points. Wing-Backs are immense in this tactic.
  13. This is a great tactic (The control version). Its a possession based attacking formation, your strikers will get most of the goals, but the rest of the side do weigh in with the odd goal. I took over at Hull in October 2016 and they was languishing down in 18th and in my first 10 games I only managed to win 4 draw 1 and lose 5. I then switched to this tactic for January 2017 and it has propelled me from 20th up to 4th in 17 games, I have won 13 drew 1 and lost 3 (all by 1 goal), scoring 48 and conceding 16. With 5 games to go I am almost dead certs for promotion.
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