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  1. Any Good Skins??

    Thanks!!! proper lovin some of these lol
  2. Any Good Skins??

    Hi all!! Just recently started on here and am wondering if any of you know any great skins for me FM!! If yo do could you send us a link plz Thanks!!
  3. Transfer flops

    I had Henrique some braziliian CB. Payed over 10m for him and sold him following season.... In season summary he were worst signing, there has been the odd one or two which I have got on a free and they were crap (i.e. Mark Vidka), but I were playin as Sheffield Wednesday so got no money lol!!
  4. FM 11 Details

    They should do something like what they did in the Fifa manager games with your salary..... so you can learn new languages and the actual family play a part in the managing experiance